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Indoor connection revisited

Hello guys! And @Bastecklein!

A re-visitation post of my idea about indoor connection of buildings, today I want to refine that a bit - and wish can have some fresh new discussion.

What's my idea about indoor connection of buildings?
The concept is providing a passage for colonists to move around so they won't have to put on space suit at all times to move between buildings, breathing oxygen freely. Probably providing some buffs such as better colonist morale/satisfaction, and slight production boost to buildings. (Or even enhanced commute rating?)
There will be some extra classification to buildings - Outdoor Structures and Indoor Structures.
Outdoor Structures like drill pads and most buildings that would dispatch rovers (e.g. Ore refinery will send rovers to collect ores from mines), as the name tells, works in outdoor conditions and never need a indoor connection to keep them functional. However, they also don't benefit from indoor connection bonuses, and some of them may need an independent or extended oxygen supply system.
Indoor Structures, on the other hand, are facilities that works in indoor conditions. Most of them can still work without indoor connections (except Strictly Airtight Structures such as colony clinic), but won't be able to operate at full efficiency until attached to an indoor passage. Without indoor passages, their oxygen supply system must rely on pipeline connection; and won't use pipelines to supply oxygen if connected to indoor networks - remember to ensure the indoor network is filled with oxygen, otherwise the building won't work due to depleted indoor oxygen!

Speaking of oxygen supplies, the indoor connection would also be 'connected' with oxygen supply mechanisms. To ensure sufficient supply of oxygen, each indoor network requires at least one indoor ventilation plant connected to pipelines to oxygen supplies. Each indoor ventilation plant supports a number of buildings within the same system; and each building has their own rating of ventilation demands.
For example, each adv hydroponic facility has ventilation draw rating of 3 while a barracks has 2, and a basic ventilation plant has a ventilation pump rating of 15. If you have 2 basic ventilation plants in the same indoor network, you can have combinations like, 6 farms + 6 barracks, 3 farms and 10 barracks... as long as the ventilation plant can support oxygen supplies of the structures within the network.
Like in MC1, ventilation (of a indoor network) is a supply utility. If the ventilation plants cannot support all structures, newly constructed structures in the network will not operate.
Each ventilation plant consumes oxygen at a constant rate.

Damaged indoor passages can cause breaching of the indoor network, this will be very dangerous as the oxygen will leak, and some unwanted hazards of external environment such as diseases and toxic air may contaminate your indoor network, you'll find big problems dealing with a large sum of infected colonists or sick people.

Hopefully you'll like the idea! What do you think about it? Feedbacks and suggestions? Please leave them in the comments!
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I think this would really make it feel more colony like and not town
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This is how I pretty much wanted the game to be originally. The only real downside is processing/performance expense, which would grow as time went on, as each settlement needs to be checking that all buildings are connected and that there are no breaches in the network each time something is changed. Of course, I don't know how bad the hit would be until I actually implement and test it, it could be minimal. Also don't know if players would like such a fundamental change to how the game works, as I am noticing a pretty strong preference to keep the mechanics pretty similar to MC1. But more feedback on this system would be welcome!
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The idea is very nice.

And.. the connection can be used like a bottleneck, for keep the town simple and little.

For the implementation, for keeping everything easy: Road is the key! instead to having layers over layers over layers.. all structure inside (under) the road system.

Could be used like a utility
If this forum isn't active, then ill make it active!
I like the idea as well. It woul definitely help for the colony-building feel as opposed to the city building feel.

I see as localized utility (each network has one).

If it affects game performance too much, maybe maintain smaller networks, like make one network not able to support more than x amount of buildings.
Also see how it may fit with the zoning idea:
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