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Building indoor connection idea?

Hello guys.

A new concept to introduce, indoor network.

Some buildings has indoors, from the standard small shelter and ore refinery, to the laboratory and habitation complex.
Working indoors can enhance efficiency, as colonists can work inside a more comfy environment than outsides, more convenient access to facilities, and won't need to wear heavy pressure suits.
More importantly, oxygen distribution is easier. A indoor oxygen diffuser can fill multiple rooms with breathable gas, instead of each structure requires one. This can save cost for dealing with indoor oxygen, in terms of construction and maintenance.

Some sides of buildings has connection points for indoors interconnection for adjacent buildings with another connection point.
Once the buildings are connected, these facilities will have various buffs depends on facilities inside the indoor network.
When production buildings are connected to homes, the production buildings can achieve higher task efficiency, depending on distance between the shelter and the workplace.
When production buildings are connected to indoor storages, these production buildings can instantly receive needed resources from or store output products to the storage instantly without rover delivery services (depending on what the storage can store).
Establishing indoor network also decreases oxygen consumption. The effect reduces with additional separate networks.
Canteens boosts adjcent shelters' housing capacity.

Every indoor network requires at least a oxygen diffuser and another 2 buildings to establish, otherwise invalid. The indoor network always has a limited size, another oxygen diffuser installation is required if you need to expand the same network.

What do you think?
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Notes, some buildings does not benefit from indoor connections at all
  • Buildings that must operate outdoors, including mining operation sites, spaceport, ranch, outdoor plantation, e.t.c. has no indoor connection points.
  • Automated buildings does not benefit from production boost.
  • Service facilities like clinics, canteen and security quarters does not have service capacity increased when inside indoor network.
  • Utilities like reactor and communication hub only benefits from instant indoor delivery for required resources.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
I like this idea. What if instead of roads, or in addition to, there was some sort of tube conduit that connects buildings together, that facilitates the transfer of utilities (power/water/bandwidth/oxygen) and people from building to building? So that each connected "cluster" of buildings forms a network that shares a utility grid?

Of course for it to look good, buildings would need to be designed with standardized connector "tubes" or hatches at each of the possible connection points on the grid. But it would allow for placing structures right next to each other with no penalty. I also think that it would look/feel more realistic in terms of what a real-life early stage mars colony would be like.

Actually, using this same logic where buildings must be connected to each other, or at least have the ability to be connected to each other, would allow for making space-station type games instead of just on-ground. A space station could start with a central hub that you need to attach the building pieces on to. If the buildings were all made with connectors anyway, the same pieces could be used on a planet and in space.

So there could be structures that are a central hub, that can be placed anywhere, structures that are simply conduits for connecting structures to the hub/cluster, structures that must be connected to a hub/cluster/conduit, and also structures that can be just standalone, such as a mining facility.

So that if you wanted to expand your colony outwards or establish a new settlement somewhere, you have to build the hub first and then attach on from there.
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I like it :)
Just in case for a better connection flexibility.
Here I have some connection passage models :P

@bastecklein hopefully these are useful?
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
Additionally elevator for indoors.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
can be like terragenesis, can made own plant at indoor
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