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Terra Novan Trade League "The underdogs will prevail!"

Are you sick and tired of your trophies being stolen by Def and Eq? Do you wish to be able to have an active community that supports each other? Do you wish to have the ability to freely ask for resources and communicate with the trade league in ways that are hardly done? Do you want friends?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then the Terra Novan Trade League is the federation for you! With ensured activity of the federation, and with its doors being open to all, you can almost always get in the federation in decent time!

Join us, and let us prosper together!

We have a discord link, which we will publish here:

For a brighter future!

(Disclaimer: I and the Terra Nova from the new game are not the same planet lol. Terra Nova from the new game becomes Independent State, while I am just the Earthlike Terra Nova. Kinda Terra Nova take 2 if you will.)

Edit: Updated Discord Link, it should work now.
The Spice must flow.
I fixed the discord link
The Spice must flow.
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