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[My Starships] Perhaps some ships of other minor civilizations


Just came up with ship ideas for my custom minor civilizations.
Models provided at the bottom-most section.

Atlanian Kingdoms

Well-known for their friendliness, neutrality and love for peace, the Atlanian Kingdoms is one of the all-time stable and reliable trade partners in the Milky Way Galaxy. The underwater cities in their home aquatic planets are one of the major galactic commerce centers, where anyone with no evil intentions are welcomed.

  • Chax-968 Atlanian Commerce Liner
    Medium freight and commodity hauler starships commonly used by Atlanian merchants.
  • Kamr-Q Atlanian Fighter
    Atlanian Starfighter that patrols and defends domestic space and planets.
  • Kata-445 Atlanian Cruise Liner/Freighter Ship
    One of the largest Atlanian ships, a multipurpose long range transport that are backbone ship of Atlanian long range logistic fleets. High standards of crew comfort is also highly rated by operators of this class of ship.
  • Lotan-335 Atlanian Light Cruiser
    Mass-produced Atlanian ship-of-the-line, the mainstay of Atlanian space defense force.
  • Sarr-642 Atlanian Transport
    Most common Atlanian shuttle ship.

Rukk Khanate

The Rukks are nomadic race of Avians that roams free in space in search for valuable resources and adventures in planets of uncharted regions. Rukk Khanate also operates one of the largest privateer fleets in the Milky Way which are direct rivals of Draconian corsairs and Twilight Syndicate pirates.

  • Champion Petu Class Privateer Frigate
    Fast frigates that are commonly used by Rukk nomads and privateers, one of the most maneuverable frigates in Milky Way.
  • Partax Khan Class Battlecruiser
    The largest ship flied by Rukk Khanate, named after one of their greatest leaders in history. A class of battlecruiser that is powerful in skirmishes and hit-and-run tactics, which can theoretically win most of the 1-on-1 capital ship fights by its sheer firepower and mobility.
  • Marauder Fighter
    Rukk attack starfighters.


You can help by EXPANDING IT.
Whole batch of models with updated ships.
Added some battleships and dreadnoughts in it.
@bastecklein (:p) (sorry for ping but I guess this pack might help)
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
Sort of related @GeneralWadaling lol

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