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Death 3D v2.0.0 Released

The Death 3D engine (which also powers the game Dungeon Infinity) was my last major project waiting to be migrated off of the old Web App Core platform and onto it's own domain, and this project took way more time than I had anticipated, but now at last Death 3D v2.0.0 has arrived, with an almost total rewrite of most of the engine code.

The changes in this update are extremely numerous so I will not bother posting all of them, but I will hit on the major ones.

First off, the game itself can now be found at the following URL:

Also, the Death 3D Map Editor has been yanked out of the base Death 3D game and is now hosted at it's own sub domain (along with a slight ui refresh):

The Editor is now it's own stand alone application, and can now be updated and improved independently of the base Death 3D game.

The biggest improvement to the editor is the new Test Map button, which allows you to jump into Death 3D and test out your changes with out first saving your map, closing the editor, loading the game, and going back, etc. It is now a lot quicker to develop and test Death 3D maps.

Moving on, every single menu in the game is now GPU rendered, with the rare exception of a couple of pop-up dialog boxes. This is to enable all menus to work in a VR headset, such as a Quest 3. Death 3D is now 100% playable with all features available in full immersive VR mode if you have a headset capable of WebXR.

For mobile users, the touch screen interface has been completely revamped as well. The game now utilizes virtual on-screen analog sticks for movement and looking. Of course all platforms have full gamepad and keyboard/mouse support.

The game now defaults to all video settings on low for all platforms, just so there is good performance out of the box. If you have a capable GPU, I suggest going into engine settings and turning on Lighting Engine and Bumpmapping Engine for the best experience. I do not suggest using the realtime shadows, and music also seems to impact performance a bit.

The new Death 3D rewrite is currently live on the Web platform only, and if there are no glaring bugs, I will release the new version to the various app stores probably next month some time. I will also be bringing the new engine to Dungeon Infinity soon.

At some point (when I ever have time) I want to do a pretty big revamp of the map editor, since it is now a bit dated, especially when compared to the editor used in Raycast Studio. But that is a project for another time. Until then, enjoy the Death update!

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Death 3d
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