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Multi Construction Groups

I've noticed building things in MC2 can get quite slow compared to MC1 when using decor or any sort of pattern, so I think we would all greatly benefit from being able to place entire groups of buildings in one click (as opposed to just straight lines of the same building). You would be able to manage custom groups of buildings from a separate section of the construction menu. Creating a new group would open a window with a bare plane, like the gridlines separated from the rest of the world. You'd be able to place any building and road you unlocked on a particular world/settlement anywhere on the grid, with any orientation. After creating a group, it would display the sum of its buildings' costs, employment, utility usage, etc. in the build menu. The boundaries of a group would be limited to the boundaries of its buildings rather than a giant rectangle for flexibility in building. With groups, you wouldn't have to sacrifice design in order to scale up your settlement in a reasonable amount of time.
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