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Integrated Investment Bank (New Version)

Since we need to increase our Trade/Gift Capacity, and we need to generate more Civics, I thought we could integrate the use of Microchips and Software in order to help our Investment bank employees be able to increase the capacity of their outputs.
Also, if this model is ever added to the game, make sure to add Spam as a credit because he made the remodel for the original Investment Bank.
I intended on these rooftop boxes being for I/O server communications, and if computer resources permitted, the greens would flash for 1s and the reds would flash for 0s. The antennas also had to be beefed up in order to support these higher communication and information demands as well.
That Middle Banner with Microchips on it isn't necessary for the Investment Bank to operate. It's more utilized to market improved services to my colonists in order to encourage more investments.
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