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Allow modding to change statistic distances

The what: Mods should he able to specify the distance scaling the game uses for statistic (ex. Base MC2 uses 0.5 meters per voxel or 8 meter long tiles or '1x1' or each tile is 64 square meters. Allow mods the change the scaling factor.
The why: I want to create a mod around micro builds, where I the mod maker would be uses figures around my own scale to drive decisions and choices for my mod, however this would not be so transparent to the player. As they could see the statistics menu that would be going off base MC2 scale.
The how: considering this would be mostly cosmetic with some (presumably) changes to code like multiplying a factor declared by the mod maker it could be done.
The thank you: thank you for reading my idea, and I hope you consider it. Cheers!
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