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Galactic emperor

#1 2017-10-27 16:11:29
Hi guys,

I don't know if the galactic emperor gives something cool or if i'm punished for some reason but when I press the watch button nothing happens. What should be done ?

I also have two questions :
How to move game save from chrome to native client and how to quit your own commonwealth to join an other ?

I'm currently using chrome and v0.48.
My colony is this one (dont realy know what information u need)

Thx :)

Edit : though it was adblock blocking the video but changed nothing :/
Edited by nonobosss on 2017-10-27 16:28:35
#2 2017-10-27 16:52:16
i think you have to ask your CW leader for quitting and the new one has to write a message to your leader too or something like that..
#3 2017-10-27 16:53:33
and the thing with the galactic emperor: you should receive it as a gift im the bottom right corner
#4 2017-10-27 17:00:05
I'm the leader :) and I see the messages it just does nothing when I click on watch button (it works if i delete ^^)
#5 2017-10-27 18:35:51
After you watch the video you should get a gift of certain resources.

If you're a CW leader you can only join a new CW by making a new colony. You can't annex your CW under another CW.
#6 2017-10-27 23:47:57
The problem is that no video appears when you click on the "watch" button. But this is a known bug.
Its me Lego.
#7 2017-10-28 13:42:48
Ok thx :)
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