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[API] Sector Map

(limit and ind parameters optional)


sx: Sector X coord
sy: Sector Y coord
limit: Return top X colonies (by population) (optional)
ind: When ind=1, return only independent (Commonwealth Capitol) colonies (optional)

Without optional parameters (return whole sector):

Note: Each sector is an x,y grid 2000x2000 in size, ranging from -1000:-1000 to

Returns JSON formatted sector data array:
[{"name":"United Earth","charter":"earth","capitol":"1","population":"124689321","maptype":"n\/a","theme":"#4B92DB","x":"0","y":"0"},
{"name":"dusty","charter":"8Dgg0e6H","capitol":"1","population":"149162","maptype":"Red Planet","theme":"#b35900","x":"544","y":"-232"},
{"name":"Prosperity","charter":"hMXn8PVe","capitol":"1","population":"148616","maptype":"Red Planet","theme":"#1976D2","x":"453","y":"-24"}]
  • data array, ordered by population:
  • name: colony name
  • charter: charter code
  • capitol: 1 or 0, is this colony a commonwealth capitol
  • population: the population of the colony
  • maptype: what kind of planet it is (Red Planet, Lunar, etc)
  • theme: theme color for the colony, hex code
  • x: x location within the sector
  • y: y location within the sector
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