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Sell all button

#1 2017-10-29 16:09:05
You have the option to activate / de-activate all, but you don't have the option to sell all.
It would save a lot of time if you could just click a button and sell all buildings of the selected type.
#2 2017-10-29 16:18:53
Selling is not cool. You get not even 0.2 of the price back.
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#3 2017-11-14 15:07:29
BestColony11 said:Whoa...
Selling is not cool. You get not even 0.2 of the price back.

But at least you get something back
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#4 2017-11-14 17:45:34
This is suggested several times before.
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#5 2017-11-15 05:06:53
This would be amazing. Especially for getting rid of buildings that are obsolete. This would good for things like water extractors or regolith compactors. You need a hundred starting out, but once you can build atmosphere condensers or ore synthesis labs, you have to go through one by one deleting everything.
Edited by bwilson13087 on 2017-11-15 05:07:32
#6 2017-11-15 10:11:19
Yes PLZ :D I don't want to sell al those 4K solar pannels (one by one)
Edited by nonobosss on 2017-11-15 10:27:24