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Game hangs - Page 2

#11 2017-11-09 15:15:17
Usually if the game totally freezes that can mean an endless loop in the code somewhere, or your browser tab just ran out of memory. How much RAM do you have? That is more important than CPU. Also if you are on 32 bit OS, the amount of RAM an application can use is limited vs 64bit.
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#12 2017-11-21 07:04:41
yes i believe it's in some kind of loop.. the cpu core just stay in 100% (1 core) so in my case i have quad core so total cpu would be throttled at 25%.
os 32 bit, usable ram 3gb
under normal condition the cpu never stays at 100% (1 core)..

when saving, the memory usage suddenly spikes then chrome goes aw, snap screen, thats when i guess the memory give up.
but this case, i just load the game, and then seconds later it just hangs, cpu at 100% 1 core.

any ideas?
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