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Peeps are starting to complaining of SMOG. How do i stop this and whats producing it?

Is to much atmosphere a bad thing?
Around 10,000 atmosphere is when they complain. Keep it under 15,000. I keep it in the 5 to 9,000 range.
Thank you
The numbers are a bit higher than that haha. They complain about smog at 15 million atmosphere and at this point is where bast plans to add negative effects to colonists in colonies with more atmosphere than 15m. Best to keep it in the low 14m area
the windows is too small imho, between 14-15mil where the sweetspot is.

that required a lot of micromanage @@
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Add a correction, you need 15m for some of the buildings/tech to unlock. From there, it has been mentioned, that you can let it build to possibly 25m before it causes serious problems with your colonists.
you don't need any atmosphere to build a building once you unlocked it. I tested it, could build a ancient alien condenser with 0 atmosphere. and bast isn't planning on it, it's already implemented, not just activated to give the old colonies some time to get rid of their atmo.
Its me Lego.
Atmosphere ins't very important until late game for dark pavement. other wise, get the atmo scrubber and you should be fine

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