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Campaign mode

While yall may be wondering "what use would a campaign mode be, there's no war or conflict in my colony, so what would be the purpose," I assure you there would be a really big purpose for a campaign mode without involving any war or conflict elements at all.

Campaign mode would put the player into different scenarios that challenge their strategy skills and resourcefulness, would be a very fun adventure and storyline, and would teach newcomers how to play the game online. Honestly, I don't think that a campaign mode would be hard to make, I just think that it would take a lot of time to create and implement all of the content that is required for this to happen and I definitely don't expect this to be implemented anytime soon. Let me repeat that, I definitely don't expect this to be implemented anytime soon. @bastecklein is working on the rest of antiquitas and there are some features not yet but soon to be put in the game that would be required to make this happen. So if this does get implemented, I imagine it would be far into the future.

Anyway, here are my ideas for a campaign mode, although if bast makes a campaign mode he might do it differently:

1. Each race and spin-off race has it's own campaign series, starting with UE.

2. Each campaign would be broken into chapters. Each chapter is based on a specific planet related to that race. For instance, UE will have the planet mars(red planet), the earth's moon(lunar), and an exoplanet with alien wildlife(forest), while LIS will have the dwarf planet ceres(asteroid), Titan(ice), and a once inhabited exoplanet(abandoned). Each chapter would be unlocked by completing the one before it.

3. Each planet will have a global map that would show all of the playable locations on that map. Nothing fancy, just a map of the planet with a bunch of coordinates marked. Each of these locations/coordinates, when selected, will load a specific game file incorporated into the game. Once a file is opened, it takes the player to the normal my colony building field, which is pre-made and staged for a particular mission. Once all missions are complete for that location, the player is free to continue on playing the game, building up their colony normally, and trading with other locations on the same planet/chapter that have had their missions completed.

4. Some of those locations will need to be unlocked by completing missions in other locations, and there would be a few side-locations on each planet that don't have any missions but allow the player to build a Colony normally and send resources to the other locations. These side-locations would only be unlocked after the chapter and all missions are complete and after premium is purchased.

5. All locations would have an option to reset progress in case a player wants to replay a certain mission or restart a colony at one of the locations for whatever reason. This deletes the current in-game file that is in use and restores a copy from the backup version that is also integrated in the game.

6. Before adding any of this to the game, multiple terrain types would be needed. This is because if campaign were added now, there wouldn't be much difference between each location on the planet since we only have one terrain type, and it would be boring. Bast said that he is going to add multiple terrain types and a map editor, so I would wait until I created those before I worked on this, which is one of the reasons why I think campaign mode will be far into the future if added at all.

7. Terraforming aspect: Terraforming each planet would be done very slowly and would take multiple colonies/locations to generate or remove the needed amounts of atmosphere. Also, some other aspects and buildings for terraforming that would only exist in campaign mode could be added. For instance, in terraforming, you have to take atmosphere, heat, sea level, and oxygen percentage into consideration. Maybe add aheat aspect and create some buildings that reduce and generate heat based on what the planet needs. Or add a sea level and watch the global map fill up with water as the sea level rises and recede as it falls. You could do a lot of interesting things in campaign mode and it wouldn't impact the online mc universe. It might push the engine to it's limits though.

8. Research: research would be share by all colonies/locations on a given planet/chapter. Either research would be produced much slower or tech would require more research, but we want to make it so that all locations are contributing to the same research pool. Once a player moves to the next chapter though, the research starts at 0 again.

I think that this would be a very worth-while feature to put in the game. If any of you have any more ideas of how a campaign mode could be implemented, please include them here.
that's what I'm thinking about. There's all kinds of challenges that could be put into a campaign for my colony, one just has to be creative. Each mission on each planet would have to have a specific goal though, so maybe you only have one colonist and you have to amass enough resources and research to build a communication hub and send out a distress beacon. Once you send out the distress beacon, the mission is accomplished and you unlock the landing pad. Then another mission on that location starts and you have to do something else.

In correcting my ideas above, I don't think that certain buildings shouldn't be allowed for us until they are unlocked at a later level. For instance, location 1 will only allow basic buildings that don't require research, then location 2 might unlock the research facility and certain basic techs and buildins, and so on for location 3, 4, etc. Then, when the chapter/planet is complete, the player can go back to each location and build a colony on each one and trade resources back and forth between locations by sending gifts.
Also Known As My Colony Story Mode.
I love to give feedback and suggest new things!
BestColony11 said:Also Known As My Colony Story Mode.

Well, i was going to go with story but Campaign just has a special ring to it, at least to me. I guess if bast did impliment something like this, he would be the one to decide.
It could be nice to train newbies in hard aspects

Like aluminum
And alien artifacts
And other pains
nice what a great idea so frankly that bast adds that!
AC682 said:It could be nice to train newbies in hard aspects

Like aluminum
And alien artifacts
And other pains

I don't think that they are hard , you just need time to get them
I wanna thank everyone for voting on this, even though it may be far into the future when this is added.
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