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Mecha(Zero Population Colony) - Page 2

Got these bad boys built and they now handle the bulk of the colony's energy demands.

Right now want to race to the finish line. Going to focus on research and further renovating the colony.

Possible to produce Triantanium and Ant Paste without workers, but not sure it would be efficient to do so.

Trash is up to 850,000 and Atmosphere is at 25,000,000. Making progress. :-)
Wow. Talk about high atmospheric pressure.
Commonwealth of Groddle
Groddle | Bell's Pyramid | Glitch
Good thing with no colonists: You don't need to bother with health issues because of Trash and Atmosphere.
Triantanium is really nice without workers, but it needs a lot of power. Downside: You need a lot of robots and antanium and I guess you need workers for them too.
I rely on gifts from my main or trading to get my 17017 refineries going.
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