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What happens if you don't pay earth taxes? do they just start doing payroll help or what
They will stop immigration and also put a trade embargo against you not allowing you to grow your population or sell resources through the mass driver or things like that. Now the best way to prevent that would be to request annexation to a players commonwealth through the communications hub so they can help prevent that if you need the help.
the best way to prevent it is to start selling ore on the mass driver as fast as possible
Its me Lego.
Is there a way to get the cost of using the mass driver down? Think it's like a 75% charge for me.
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I think fee is less in offline mode.
cakeking7878 said:What happens if you don't pay earth taxes? do they just start doing payroll help or what

taxes will be cummulative. so every time you refuse the next time you get all the previous (not payed) taxes plus the new taxes. eventually this will cause a trade and immigration embargo. This is the same with earth or in a commonwealth of a player.
Im in a trade embargo and immigration has stopped ! I cant find how to fix this. Im at a dead halt and stuck. Any advice or help? Im I'm offline mode.
Make money to pay the taxes. Sell stuff you have a lot. Food, water, ore and sell it on the mass driver.
Does paying the taxes really reduce your fees?
From what i have seen it does not look like it does.
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