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Needed/Used Resource Counter

I think it could be really useful to have a box pop up in the corner somewhere that shows the resources that are still required for all things being built. For example, if you decide to build a bunch of different buildings and houses at the same time, it would say the total of all the resources that will be needed. Kind of like how you can already see a countdown of a specific building while its being built.

I've just had issues, especially early game, where I'm building a bunch of Ore Refineries and houses and maybe water/food storage etc., then I lose count or forget how much it's going to cost to build the things already in queue. This way you could see that you're going to run out of gold or steel or whatever if you start building other things.
this is already a feature, but only for bigger monitors/tablets.
Its me Lego.
I think that what he meant was a real time thing that would display the ressources left (that are needed to build) at a particular moment
Yea, like a single counter showing the total for all things being built.
yes because in W10 you have just the counter of what you are bulding for all of 1 type of build
and no when you build some difernt build
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