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In game chat

The only thing missing from these games is a way to interact with other player's.

Without that the game can really get monotonous. If there is anyway at all this would significantly make the games better as well as keep people coming back.

(the best I have seen is in Final Fantasy new empire, steal that setup and it would be perfect)
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I support that.

A high interaction of player to player would not only make more features, but make the game less boring. This would increase trade, it would be more playable with friends, maybe even diplomacy could be added.
yes but even diplomacy in MC isn't all that great. I have 100 embassies from ppl who never spoke to me. People use them as decoration. The hub is used to bypass the GBT. If these things were implemented in Antiquitas the result would be the same. I do agree with a in game chat, like the shoutbox here, but in the game itself
In game chat is coming to both games, it is already in the gameplan.
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Awesome :D
Awesome, glad to hear this. Keep up the great work! Already bought premium on Mc and AQ but I will throw a few more bucks at you tonight.

Love to support devs who actually listen to the fans.
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I'm so happy about this, my friends need quite a bit of help with this game.
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