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Introducing the Imperial Trade Representative - Page 3

Seems like even legit trades within the cap are disappearing though. May be a bug.
nunez499 said:Like its been said. The GBT is to trade, not to get rich in the process. The idea is you help someone else and in return you get a compensation.

Why do you get to decide that though? Why can't the GBT be for trading? This is after all a resource game, there is no other PVP? Why can't you get rich if design your colony's economy with commodity production in mind so that you can then sell it, it's not cheating or abusing the system and competition will drive the prices down. Trade cartels such as federations, now those can potentialy inflate market prices if they decide to set the price.

I don't see a point in playing if the only thing you can do is stockpile resources and build crap, you don't need online mode for that.
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Im not deciding anything. I just look at it from a different pov than you. And what i interpret from the spirit of the game
and the many things Bast has said about this in the year I've been playing.
Plus look at the reply in the thread of gruul, bast says there is no point in having billions of resources and it's not good for economy.. what more do you want? It's clear as water.

And speaking for my own federation, everyone gets their resources through gifts and not trades. Some use gbt for reasons like yourself, but between members of the Federation we gift. And if we would ever excercise some type of market control it would be to maintain fair prices not for profit making or hyper inflation.
Is a choice of playing. For me i would like to excessively produce/specialize in 1 resource, sell it in the market, then I have money to buy what I dont actively produce.

GBT should not be a place of charity. I do charity by gifting my CW member, free of charge.
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Idk. The microchip output seems faster and that's the only reason I liked the gbt anyway when starting out.
Cyberkayu said:Is a choice of playing. For me i would like to excessively produce/specialize in 1 resource, sell it in the market, then I have money to buy what I dont actively produce.

GBT should not be a place of charity. I do charity by gifting my CW member, free of charge.

I understand your point and it's what many do. Personally I don't agree with it. But to each it's own. Just let things flow and go from there. People are reacting to much out of emotion. It's still just a game.
I do not have a problem with people getting rich on the GBT, but like real life every market has rules. The GBT is an evolving feature and changes will continue to be made until it is right. I do not think that anybody here can put forward a good argument that it was "right" before.
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OK, so my problems with the way it is currently implemented are that on the 3 colonies I have grown to *having* online trade:

1: Almost immediately after being able to trade, each of them have run into a problem where it says " No contracts are available." This message could be improved with saying "the Trade Representative thinks you're trading too quickly" or publishing the number of trades allowed.

1b: The entire game is setup as: Research stuff and achieve new milestones. So when I reach the trade milestones, I'm immediately punished for accomplishing a new milestone. :(

2: I can only trade in MAX 2,500 increments. Yet with the amount of supply I have accrued by the time I CAN trade, I'm bursting at the seams and especially when it comes to sugar, my colonies are literally being overrun with sugar that I cannot harvest, and the bulldozer tool is too small and too finicky to help without my clicking finger cramping up.

2b: A setting for spreading resources (sugar, wood) could be to allow "wasting". When the warehouse is full, the harvesters continue, but don't add to the stockpile.

3: I love that the LIS Bazaar takes 250 at a time, but the Mass Driver and the Export Cannon at 100 are too small, especially on the Android version where you have to start from the top and scroll down to find the thing you're trying to sell OVER and OVER.

3b: I don't have a good basis for this, but it seems like the price drops at the same rate for the 3 types of exporters, even though the Bazaar is selling 2.5 times as much.

3c: I have noticed that the sales in the Bazaar provides more than the Net Price Listed. In fact, the Bazaar seems to provide the Gross Sales Price + Transaction Fee, or (Net + 2x Transaction Fee.)

@ Bastecklein: Thanks for reading the forums, thanks for responding, thanks for being an active developer. As the name suggests, I like to read, but not frequently write. This is my first post, so there's a lot in here. I've only been playing a few weeks, but the frustration level with trade has already gotten me to have 3 colonies that can't do anything else. AND I don't even have research maxed out.

Being succesfull at trading / getting a lot of money is more of a personal milestone than one from the game itself.
How many you can trade depends of your gift capacity and storage cap.
@ Nunez499, that's a good point. However, my points above have dragged me from my happy little existence on Offline Mode into the current problems with the API and GBT.

I cannot progress with my games. I am stuck in a place that does not activate my happy gamer brain. No amount of personal satisfaction will fix the balancing issues I am experiencing.

If there was an easy way to not have all my deposits blocked by sugar/trees growing like weeds, thus leading to a situation where I have run out of resources that are still available on the map, and can't harvest without getting rid of what is filling my warehouses. AND I can't build more warehouses, because it uses up scarce resources. The inelegant solution is to bulldozer it, but the bulldozer tool only can do one square at a time.

On my Insect World, my research has shown me that there is no way to progress in research without accumulating 200 alien artifacts. Acquiring those 200 artifacts will require either a) 250,000 civics and declaring independence so I can research mysticism, or b) making enough from selling excess supplies, such as sugar, on the GBT to buy 200 artifacts.

I understand that some of y'all have been playing for a while. I understand that only recently the GBT was un-regulated. I'm just trying to bring some attention to the problems that the newer players are experiencing. MyColony just hit a new milestone for number of new downloads. Yay! However, those new players are going to run into these issues, and they probably don't have a huge commonwealth or coalition behind them. They aren't going to put in the amount of research that I have. They are going to find that the forums don't have a search function, and uninstall when they get frustrated.

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