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Simple solution to our money problem

Well, the 0.50 update had its good and bad sides. We all know the good, so i'm going to address the one issue that we can all agree is a game killer feature : money. We simply can't make enough of it.

The latest emperor tax left me with 10 bil cash in my account, and i'm ok with that. I have over 1k investment banks, so they should produce enough to get me back on my feet right? right?


seems like despite the fact that i have a ton of investment banks, i still don't make enough to be able to afford infrastructure repairs, not to mention expanding the colony.

Now of course i could always go to the GBT and sell stuff for cash, but if I can't generate excess cash...who the hell can? it's a matter of time till the GBT will be filled with tumbleweed like in the old wild west movies.

There is a very simple, very fast implement that can save this situation :

system generated STANDARD GBT BUY ORDERS

Here's how it works: let's take gold for example. When i go to the GBT, i can sell gold in quantities of 100, 1k, 10k, 100k, 1 mil ALL THE TIME at a minimum price set by the system/dev. Say 1000 cash per 100 gold...

The only effect this will have on the GBT general pricing is that if i need to buy gold, i have to put my orders up above the standard GBT prices.

This simple thing can be done for ALL resources and this way the GBT will once again help us all get rid of our excess of everything, as well as providing that extra income we all need so bad to keep our colonies alive. This is a fix that exists in many games and it is a MUST for ours as well. Without it our colonies will crash and burn.

Dear overlord, please hear my call and make this happen ASAP.
I love this game and love you for what you made for us. Don't let this die. Consider my suggestion and make it work please.
Isn't that exactly what the mass driver, space elevator, and star gate do?
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Protoceratops said:Isn't that exactly what the mass driver, space elevator, and star gate do?

more or less... the problem is the more you export, the less money you get. my solution proposes a constant minimal price that never increases or decreases.

plus, startgates and such allow for 100k resources to be sold at a time. what if i have 100 mil gold to sell every day? my fingers will fall off from all the clicking i must do :)
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