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what is the best way to make money

im trying tomake some money to buy aluminum but i allways seem to fall short, how do i make lots of money
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GBT can make tons of money.
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IF you have ALOT of excess resources you don't need because you simply have too much (talking millions for limitless resources like Gold, Aluminum and Ore) then the Galactic Board of Trade, Altar of Commerce is the Zolarg equivalent, is an easy source of money. Otherwise, massive spam of either Money Pits or Banks and eventually Investment banks is a good source of income.
You can get billions from posting your own trade offers, but this can result in the loss of civics, which until you get banks/money pits in mass numbers, civics can be a rare resource.

Just don't be one of those people who post 100 of a thing for a billion per 100 and end up spamming the market with deals nobody would ever take.
"You can get billions from posting your own trade offers"

Sorry what do you mean with that?
exporting or the player market is the only decent way of getting large cash fast. :/
it feels very unbalanced though. i remember a few months back you'd export small amounts of aluminum and uranium and you'd get so much cash you could pay all your workers double for a long time.
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