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No light in zolarg ice world.

Version: 0.50 (and before)
Client: Win10

I've been told this is technically not a bug but a "feature". I think I have fairly good eyesight but playing on the ice zolarg world is difficult because I can't see anything clearly. It's too dark. If I turn on the lighting, the game slows to a crawl. It also only lights up small areas.

I end up playing with the bulldozer tool on a lot of the time so I can see things.

Suggestion: Allow daylight to be turned on.
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Ditto. This would make playing my Zolarg colony easier.

I do the same trick with the bulldozer!
Ok yeah when I am on my phone it makes playing that impossible... Literally ... impossible... features enhance an experience ... They do not discourage it? MULTI PLATFORM EXPERIENCERS FTW! x.x erm also yeah totally different on computer!
My Colony dealie! Yay! Shh shh.\r\n
Auh.. Just saying.. not criticizing x.x
My Colony dealie! Yay! Shh shh.\r\n
poney (can i tell you poney) it is very diferent on PC because you need to let the PC turn all the night and to worried a lot if ou let him put on because your PC can be in overhot and dead
RIP : my colony have kill the processor just like water more PC do a minut of silence for the respect of the PC
(1 minute later)
poney on your phone you can look where you whant do this whith a fix PC ,yes the phone some time
is less powerful than the PC but if you travel a lot (and don't play to pokemon go) you can't play on PC
Sure poney works for me thats perfectly fineeeee! also Oh I see! Yeah I do play on it a good bit now a days but its ok!
My Colony dealie! Yay! Shh shh.\r\n
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