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My wish list

any reason why my workers just decide to stop working? i have 50 million food storage and i have had my workers just decide to stop making food and everybody dies..

is there some documentation on what motivates the workers, how to achieve maximum productivity, etc? this game is fun but its frustrating as shit in that everything is a shot in the dark

more clarification on what contributes to your approval rating and what effect your approval rating has on productivity and all the math behind it would be extremely helpful, particularly on pay, fire drills, etc.

while i'm at it there needs to be a bot reset button and a get your ass to work button. as it is now you need to start a new project to compel stationary bots to do work on pending projects (except in rare cases where they randomly decide to start on their own).

also multi select on objects to destroy many at once is mandatory. this bulldozing one at a time x10,000 is for the birds. i built like a thousand solar towers and had to kill them one by one because i replaced them all with one diamond crystal reactor.. or at least give me a 4x4 and 8x8 bulldozer?

there are bugs in the native client that no matter if your pending object fits or not it states "location blocked" across the entire screen

population heatmaps and homeless heat maps would be cool so we know where to build houses/jobs and help the unemployed/sick/homeless. this could probably be written into the engine and controlled from that menu like colonists, animations, fps cap, etc.

also global board of trade went from the heart of the entire economic infrastructure of the game to a mini-mart with bite sized fun snacks. the bug the hacker dude (thanks dude lol) used was fixed with price controls and api cooloff time. so restore real lot sizes pls. being able to filter by size would be cool too so whales and tadpoles can shop at the same place and find what they need without scrolling through 10,000 lots of 100ea. i stored quite a bit of stuff bouncing it off the board of trade like free two day storage. that got 'fixed' with decay, but it seems arbitrary to cap productivity and economic throughput when the board of trade served a useful purpose in this regard.

also a lot of people made out like bandits when the gbt went whacky, and their resources are dwindling due to decay and limited by storage, but the ability to do big deals for big money would be nice. everything is dirt cheap now because of this windfall, but eventually we will find equilibrium between supply and demand and prices will return to normal, so if it int broke, please don't fix it. punishing users because they were lucky enough to be online when it happened almost made me quit this game. being able to sell millions of food water ore etc was useful to generate a little extra income but im not gonna do it for 50 grand or 5 million. its a time waster and chump change. it needs to be worthwhile for somebody who already has 100 billion dollars to play too. i have 500 million+ storage on my map.

a private area on the gbt would be cool to where colonies could trade directly with each other

more interaction with other colonies would be cool, as would the ability to attack them/raid/etc. weapons, defenses could be like resources, it wouldn't take much and would massively boost interaction between colonies.

what is the effect of deactivating a building? do the workers go somewhere else? do they stay there but no longer produce output or consume resources?

why is it that I can go see and visit other colonies in my commonwealth but not others? what makes it visible?

what is the most you can annex your land without blowing it up? un-annex would be nice..

whats the "score" in this game? gdp? # of people? is there a leaderboard?

Kind of a messy list but hey there it is

is this is any kind of open source type deal I would love to help. most of my experience is windows web programming but I love this game.

oh also i think i know of another bug that can be used to multiply resources endlessly. i wont say anything about it here but if you are interested let me know and ill shoot you a private email.

1) have you built the arcology? It is most of the time responsible for the huge amount of people without work

2) I don't know the math behind it but the statistic under the approval graph normally shows what concerns your colonists

3) there is a way of "resetting". Simply long press somewhere too select all bots and move them somewhere

4) I think the bulldozer currently is enough (the risk of destroying important buildings is too high already). You could simply destroy these solar cells one by one when you need place.

5) I experience the same bug when building 2x2 buildings. It has no real impact but worth to mention

6) I think it would be better if we have a colour system for work places to show how long the average commute length is (blue for 0-15, yellow for 15-30 and the rest red)

7) the gtb will simply have a fix the next few weeks (most likely it will be normal soon)

8) maybe we could have a normal gtb for everyone and a "bigger one" to sell massive amount of resources to keep the advantage for newcomers and have the long term player the ability to go even further.

9) yes it would be nice to have a more balanced price for goods. Maybe it would be for commonwealths or federations (If they will be implemented one day)

10) multiplayer like you define will never be implemented since even bast mention that he won't put it in this game

11) they stay when it get deactivated but it won't produce/ consume any resources

12) I also have no idea :P

13) I think it depends on what device you are (I'm currently mobile and it handles large pretty well)

14) the only current leader board is the population one
And there isn't a real goal right now, just building and selling

15) you have to ask him personally if he needs help (most likely not but he will acknowledge your suggestions)
look in the sugestion a lot of your wish are in ,some are in the encilopedia
and bugfurrie gg (good game) for the anwser you learn :)
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