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Are there keyboard shortcuts for My Colony??

I am playing on Linux and I noticed that my girlfriend (on Windows) can just use the mouse roller to zoom out and in easily - my Linux OS doesn't seem to have this driver installed by default, so I can't zoom out.

Not an issue at first, but as my Colony grows its a bit hectic on my screen when I am zoomed right in - I would just like to see if theres a key-shortcut to zoom out.

I've tried things like SHIFT+Arrows, CTRL+Arrows, plus and negative signs (with shift), and also had a nose through the encyclopedia but can't seem to see much on this.

Are these available?
If so, does anyone have a short list of the main keyboard shortcuts please?
For zooming you can actually turn on zoom in/out buttons in the engine settings. As for the other, check in engine settings for the keyboard shortcuts as well. Off the top of my head though the shortcuts I remember:

S - sell
Alt+s - no quest sell
h - harvest
m - move
esc - cancel
If you go to engine settings you should be able to toggle on/off the zoom button UI
Thanks - I have just had a mess round and found these on Linux version too:

w = Idle Vehicles
e = Encyclopedia
t = Tech tree
s = Stats

Arrows = General movement/scrolling
+ = Zoom in (Without Shift)
- = Zoom out (Without Shift)

I was using shift with the + and - (as thats how you would type them) and it is just pressing them without the Shift button :)
look at the engine settings there is a button for that
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