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Why have I stopped making Rum?

Got distilleries, Rum Cellars, and Pubs, in almost equal amounts (3 rows, theres 1 less pub) see the attached pic if possible, I zoomed into the rows in question....what consumes Rum? Do i just need to build more Distilleries and RumCellars?
Just built a huge row of more distilleries, seems to have started production of rum again, I dont know why my others just stopped...
same amount of buildingsā‰ same amount of production

Check your statistic. It states how much rum you produce and how much gets consumed.

The my-colony reference also gives a lot of useful information about how much gets produced and consumed through buildings.

Ps: why do you even need so many pubs?
Also on a side note everything sucks since the update so my guess is that rum production just sucks now too.
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