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add political parties

political parties can be made by anyone who is a member of a federation. when elections start, political parties choose their candidate for leader of the Federation(via primaries). after that, the party nominees debate until the general election, where everybody votes for a candidate. the candidate with the majority of votes wins. if no candidate has a majority, the candidates with the least votes give their votes to the candidate with the most votes, until he has the majority.
I don't know about "political parties" But I think there should be a way for the current Federation Leader to promote other commonwealth leaders by giving them certain powers and responsibilities. On discord we do this by assigning roles to members to create our command structure and promotion system. I think it would be up to each Fed Leader on how they want to shape and run their own Fed, but there should be a system in place to allow the Leader to assign different permissions on what members can and cannot do
it could be interesting but not now if i can chose on political parties and more building , ressource and tec
i chose more bulding and the other think who come with
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