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why Such a Huge difference in the resource stats ?? - Page 2

and btw the atmosphere plant are not the only buildings producing atmosphere
No maybes about the question both stats should read the same on ANY resource that is automated .
If you put on Extreme work load the stats and details will match as long as you have it like that .
Now If I know exactly how the stats show production then I can better maxamise the resource income .
Back before all the changes you use to be able to manage each resource and maxamise it easy .
Now its gotten less details Juts more stuff being shown .
if your still talking about the two image from your original message:
- the main view is a real time view of the said ressources it updates when u update by some way the menu (and goes back to 0 after some time)
- the ressource menu update every x minutes or cycles and shows what was produced during that time
Dont know what game youve been playing, but I played since v 0.49 at least and always ahd this
no kidding I am not taking about a few 100 difference right now i am showing main stats at
90,000 and detailed stats at 94,226 - 640 for the condenser usage which leaves almost 4 k being produced a mint Missing .
now 4 k adds up fast that is 240,000 Less a hour taht I should be getting so its not small amount .
And if all resources are off by this % then we are lousi9ng million in resources we should be getting
This is why I am asking why the huge difference ether its a bug or the stats and details are incorrect .
Or there is something I do not know and If i know that something I can compensate for it
and yes the stats do updtae and when they do it can show 0
dont really see what you want to say do you have an image showing your fact?
well it does not matter that much I am just a details person .
the game has always been this way but back in 0.27.0 you could micro manage more .
I miss that .
I been playing well over a year long before even gifting or trades was in the game .
Btw i really do enjoy it other wise I would not care about these details lol
Well, may be someone understand your problem but I dont sorry
Also the number dont capture the same period, the static one is from previous resources produced (basically a capture of the "current" one) while "current" one shows what has been produced during last minutes (or whatever period of time)
So the two of them dont represent the same period at all.
Did I get your problem ?

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