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i dont know what kind of services there is but thats not free at all ;)
I'm a user of steam and I think it could be a double edged sword. It could bring lots of new users, which with the review system can push the game's exposure at a very high level... or ground its general valoration if it gets a bunch of negative reviews. More users also could mean more need for servers to support an increase of just try-playaweek-uninstall players which is a risk for the sustainability of the game...

Anyway I voted Yes :D
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100% yes .. i wouldn't take the negative reviews part as a stumbling block at all i have downloaded and played many games on their and still do and many were rated poorly yet massive amounts of purchases, it will do really well on steam too i think maybe your best revenue stream yet.

Also don't forget steam also has it's own console too which a few 100,000 people probably have.
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