Mass gifting

#1 2020-01-08 02:06:26
I am worried I am going to be banned, I have been gifted mass amounts of many different things and am concerned that this is not normal

I can’t get the charter code because it glitches whenever I try to get to the profile page for this specific player

The username was BioShock
#2 2020-01-08 02:09:32
personally, you should be fine, i’m always gifting to players and giving them resources when they need it. but overall, you should be fine.
#3 2020-01-08 02:12:21
Ok, so being gifted 69696969 microchips is normal
#4 2020-01-08 16:21:10
LOL cant get the charter code then HOW are yuo gifting even you need to send or receive alest one message from a player NOT under your charter to gift and you sure would not need to be finding the charter code if the player was under your charter .
Now sounds funny to me but you will find out your self .
#5 2020-01-10 10:14:32
this is no problem. Just build a lot of storage and accept gifts.
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