Solar Power

2018-04-28 01:01:37
Solar power only works during the daytime. Just makes sense that way. Also puts my previous post about power storage into good use to run while the panels arent receiving light. Just makes the game a bit more real and a bit more challenging...
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2018-04-28 12:48:42
Would make it to hard for beginners.
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2018-05-01 06:37:42
Let us have night panels that generate a little bit of power. To even it out
2018-05-01 10:00:16
Perhaps our colonists are smart enough to know that solar power requires batteries, inverters, voltage regulators, charge controllers, etc and that is already integrated into the solar power options so that stored power can be used at night.
2018-05-03 11:40:13
the battery idea sounds more likely and intelligent.
i mean we flew across the galaxy landed a ship here, and built a solar panel...surely we're bound to attach a battery to collect excess sunlight for power at night.
space engineers.
you can build solar panels...they're not really good at all. but they work great with batteries.
if you build enough to offset your own power usage you have a nice reserve of extra power to dig into and expand further.
if not....well have fun being in a dark powerless base for the night.


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