feds should be allowed to pick their structure type, it can be an oligarchy, a democracy or a monarchy. a fed can become an oligarchy or monarchy via a vote, or via a coup, which will take starships. This coup won't affect the individual colonies and thus nobody will lose their resources. a coup has a certain chance it will succeed, the more starships there are attacking, the more likely it is to succeed. of course, people can choose to defend their federation with their own starships, which decreases the likelihood that the coup would be successful. in an oligarchy, the richest 10 members of the federation will control every aspect of the fed. in a monarchy, the monarch controls every aspect of the fed, and in a democracy, the members vote on everything. if the monarch or oligarchs wish to change the government back to democracy they can do so by passing a law. the federation members can also stage a revolution (which is essentially just a coup in reverse) to change the federation back to democracy by pressing the revolution button. If 10 members all push the button within a week then a revolution will begin.