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Some thoughts from NOZ
Federation leadership should either be joint or transferable from outside the game. We don't want to see a corrupted or banned colony causing the death of a federation.
Federations should have their own chat functionality.
Federation shared research. Perhaps 10% of all research done in colonies within the federation, perhaps it's a switch you can set on your research producing buildings to swap from colony research to federation research. Some federation researches should unlock options like additional commonwealths in the federation (initially 5, then 10, then 15 etc), bonuses to specific production buildings (+1% aluminum generator output across all colonies in the federation), re-skinning (permanently make all purple flags placed in colonies within this federation have dragons on them) and more. Some research should be infinitely repeatable, with an exponential cost curve.
These researches will allow each federation to be unique - we have dragons on our flags, you have red rovers, the other guys have ghost sounds when they select a microchip factory - as well as diverse, demonstrating how developed each one is. Perhaps some researches require more total colonies in the federation, perhaps some require more commonwealths. Either way, you encourage development at all levels of the political landscape, without encouraging one man federations or a dozen member commonwealths but without a single sub-colony in any of those commonwealths.

Something like Aluminum Generation Bonus Tech XLII should be difficult to obtain no matter how developed the federation is, and Aluminum Generation Bonus Tech LX might very well be ultimately un-achievable. Perhaps things like colony land expansions should even depend on a federation tech reaching a certain level.

Federations with small, expensive bonus techs are a great resource sink opportunity that should not be missed. (Maybe make centers for artificial learning consume tons of raw resources while you're at it)
It is also an unparalleled opportunity to add great replay-ability to the game.
However, do not forget to make creating a new federation *expensive*. Something like a hall of congress is simply not enough. A single person can pull that off without batting an eye. On the other hand, perhaps a building that needs to be built jointly on multiple colonies, with a price maybe 10* the hall of congress for each of, say 3 independent commonwealths, would be a great filter for ensuring that everyone and their cousin doesn't have their own federation. (this from the first guy ever to succeeded in making people want to stay in his commonwealth after their colony reached "maturity"). Remember, commonwealth independence was meant as a stepping stone to achieving "maturity" for your colony. A federation is a true community of fully developed commonwealths.
But the alternative is, of course, to make the initial founding of a federation fairly cheap, maybe even a hall of congress is sufficient, but then significant bonuses need to have great effort put into them before being actualized.
6y ago
Within the FFF we have discussed about this and come up with the following:

Federations are groups of CW´s under the same flag, working together by sharing resources and knowledge. They have internal communication this can be with messages and discord or build in chat in MyC. Every federation has a Federation main building and a smaller building for its members. Joining the CW would be through annex. Only CWs can annex to federations. Dependent colonies are bound to the federation the leader is joined to.

Benefits a Federation could set up:
- They have a internal market that doesn't affect the normal GBT / mass driver market. Prices are defined on a per trade base like on the global GBT, but trades are only visible between Federation members and their subcolonies.
- They have a global warehouse which size is a percentage of all warehouses of all members. (Like 5%) Members can put ressources in that warehouse or it automatically get's put in there if the storage of the individual colony is full. Members can take out ressources which they need, but limited to a fixed amount per day or percentage of the global warehouse capacity or percentage of the ressources in the warehouse or percentage of the individuals storage capacity. That could be defined by the Federation leaders. Different ranks may have different permissions on what they can take out.
- Instead of a warehouse, a member colony could set up what and how much of the ressources it has can be given away for a fixed price (can by 0). Like I have 1m storage capacity and I define that when I'm over 900k of this ressource, everything above can be taken from me for that price.
1. Management is done with a building that can be shared by a minium of two CW's. They can accept or reject federation membership. They can give permissions to the members in the form of ranks.
Ranks are at least admin who have full control over the Federation and members who are part of it. Other ranks could be defined with different permissions. Like if they are allowed to accept new members and what they can do with the things mentioned above.

2. Same management, but not only with a building in the game, but with a special section in the apeappswebsite. This would require everyone to have a apeappsweb account and having it linked to the game. Request to join the federation is done through thw website, request is passed along to the inbox of the federation and accepted or rejected there. And that's passed along to the game. Thee buildings would only serve to see who is in the federation, same with capitol and consulate now. But wouldnt have management functions.

3. A intermediate between 1 and 2. Federation leaders get a section the apewebb for management, but requests to join are done in the game.


FFF Management
6y ago
These are just a few ideas that may be obvious things that bast has already decided he will implement, but hopefully some of these ideas may help. And Before you start blasting me about how bast won't ever put a pvp element into my colony, you should check the updates and announcements page under update 75, since bast includes the possibility of a pvp element with federations.

The ideas below represent an entire concept when applied together. This is how I would implement pvp between federations in my colony, but like all of my other concept ideas, it's mainly here to present new thoughts to the developer on how certain concepts could come together, and I don't expect him to just take this entire concept and put it in the game.

First off, I think that any pvp feature should be optional, just as bast said. But I do think that there should be some risk involved with enabling pvp and joining in federation wars/rivalries. I don't think that the risk should be catastrophic, but being attacked by someone else should come with some major disadvantages.

I think that in order for a rivalry/war between two federations to continue, a certain percentage of the federation should be regularly and actively involved. This way, people have to be actively participating in the rivalry in order for it to continue, so time and effort would need to be put in. While a rivalry is going on, all colonies in those federations are given buffs that increase income and production speeds of certain resources, so a rivalry would be good for business, as it also is in real life.

However, those that chose not to participate in a rivalry will not benefit at all from any benefits that come about by attacking enemy colonies, only active colonies do. This way there will be no freeloaders. I also think that there should be a cooldown timer that forces players to remain pvp active for a while after they've attacked another colony. This way colonies can't attack other colonies and then quickly disable pvp mode to avoid retaliation. However, if you accidentally enable pvp and haven't attacked anyone, you can immediately disable pvp. I also think that each colony should only be able to have one debuff affecting them at a time, but they could have multiple buffs in effect. Any further attempts to double-debuff an enemy would result in the attacker wasting a debuff chance and using resources that they could have used on another target.

Now, here comes a system of buffs and debuffs that I think would fit the pvp feature nicely. With these status effects, each colony could specialize in a certain kind of attack, or take on a certain support role in a rivalry, thus adding a bit of an rpg element to this system, but shouldn't need to get too in depth or complex with it. Below is a system of classes, point systems, and buffs and debuffs that a player can cast on other friendly or enemy colonies. Bear in mind that in order to receive a buff or debuff, you need to be in pvp mode. All buffs and debuffs require certain buildings in order to be unlocked and improved, and the best status effects require more complex buildings.

There would also be four different scores attributed to each colony that tell what kind of contribution that colony makes to the war effort and what their specialty/class is. Each class would be specified by a certain building, and only one of six of these buildings can be constructed at once in a colony. Whichever building is built determines the war class of the colony and what it specializes in. The buildings can be upgraded in tiers, giving more and more unique advantages for each tier, but also becoming more expensive. The classes are as follows:

A vanguard heads straight in and attacks the enemy headlong, splitting their focus between offense and defense. They can be capable attackers and defenders, but would more often than not pose as a distraction to the enemy, spreading their attacks and defenses onto multiple colonies at once with the splitter cast, and protecting themselves with the feedback loop cast. They focus on collecting offense and defense points.

Unique advantages: the vanguard's unique advantages focus on reducing the durations of all debuffs that they are targeted with, reducing buff/debuff cooldowns, increasing the amount of targets that a vanguarde can hit with the splitter cast, and on the highest tier, enabling the vanguard to attack an enemy and "taunt" them, thus forcing them to target the vanguard for their next attack. The taunt can also be used in combination with splitter to affect multiple enemies, forcing them all to wait on each other to take turns attacking the same vanguard before they can target another colony.

An empowerer is good at preparing their allies for an initial attack on an unsuspecting enemy. The buff their allies to strengthen them for the battle to come, and they join the ranks of vanguards in attacking and distracting the enemy. The Empowerer can counter some debuffs with buffs, but it proves to be a very inefficient counterer and can easily be picked out by an assassin if it causes too much bother in the heat of battle. It's best for this class to do all of it's buffs before battle and save the debuffs until the heat of battle. An empowerer will rack up offense and utility points, with relatively few defense points.

Unique advantages: The empowerer's unique abilities focus on buff potency, the amount of targets that splitter can reach, duration reduction to any debuffs that it experiences. And on the highest tier buildings, Empowerers gain a 1 in 5 chance to apply a buff to themselves automatically if they cast that same buff onto an ally without negating a debuff or being negated by a debuff. This allows the Empowerer to easily empower themselves while they are empowering other colonies in preparation for a battle, but doesn't help the empowerer during the heat of battle.

An assassin makes calculated strikes. Their attacks are very potent and can be made even more potent thanks to the charge cast. They are often supported by vanguards that strike before the assassins to get the initial attention from the enemies. They need not worry about protecting themselves in battle because of this. Even if they are attacked, they can retaliate quickly by using the dimensional reflection buff, thus giving their enemy a taste of their own medicine. An assassin can be good at countering buffs with debuffs, but not as effectively as they can attack an unprotected enemy. This class will have mostly offense points, with a little bit of silencer points as well.

Unique advantages: the Assassin's unique advantages focus on debuff potency and cooldown, dimensional mirror cooldown and cost reduction, increased potency and decreased cooldown on a buff affected by the charge cast, and on the highest tier, giving the assassin the ability to attack an enemy with an "evasive" attack, thus forcing the enemy to not be able to retaliate against the assassin for a certain amount of time. The enemy can target other colonies during that time though, just not that particular assassin.

The counterer focuses on offense and defense. They use their casts to negate a buff or debuff. They use the splitter and feedback loop buffs to cast negating buffs and debuffs onto themselves and other allies. The assassin might target a counterer with a potent attack at just the right time, during the counterer's cooldown time, if the counterer becomes a bother to it's enemies. So learning when to take action to help your allies and when let up for a while to lose attention from enemy colonies is a must for this class. The counterer gains equal amounts of defense and silencer points.

Unique advantages:The counterer's unique advantages focus on cooldown and resource cost reduction to all buffs and debuffs, increasing the amount of extra targets that splitter can give you, and on the highest tier, a counterer can "silence" an enemy, preventing them from attacking or defending any target for a duration, if they successfully negate that enemy's debuff or buff. The silence effect has a 1 in 5 chance of happening for each successful counter.

The healer is solely a supporter and defender, defending colonists by negating debuffs with their buffs and using buffs on allies just as utilities to boost their performance. The healer gives potent buffs and defenses to other players and is the pillar that holds up the federation in the war. They can use the charge cast to further increase the potency of a buff, which they would use to further strengthen allies. Assassins will target these the most to slow them down so the enemy will be without support, and counterers can also silence Healers by negating their buffs with debuffs. But healers are really good at empowering all of the other classes, which in turn will retaliate if one of their healers is attacked. The healer focuses on collecting defense and utility points.

Unique advantages: The healer's advantages focus on buff potency and cooldown, increased potency and decreased cooldown effects of the charge buff on all buffs, and on the highest tier, if they successfully counter a debuff with a buff, that buff's cooldown is reduced by 75%, allowing them to deal large amounts of counters in rapid succession as long as their buffs aren't re-countered/negated by an enemy.

The Commando is like an empowerer in that it buffs allies in preparation for battle, but instead of joining in the frontline assault like empowerers, commandos hide under cover of distraction and take out enemy defenses with tactical casts. They are extremely efficient with countering buffs with debuffs, yet they can't defend allies against debuffs. The commando is the hardest class to play as their position on the battlefield is an awkward one. And while they are really good at ripping enemy defenses away and preparing allies for battle, they themselves can't directly attack or defend anyone. Only choose this class if you're experienced with the pvp feature and your federation needs people of this class, otherwise you'll find yourself having a really bad experience with the pvp element.

Unique advantages: The commando looses the ability to buff people that are already affected with a debuff and the ability to debuff an enemy that's not protected by a buff, and debuff potency and duration is set to 0 so that if a commando successfully negates a buff, the debuff doesn't affect the enemy as an attack like it regularly would. This forces the commando into it's role turns debuffs solely into a means of breaking defenses instead of attacking directly. The commando also gets cooldown reduction to all debuffs, buff potency, increased splitter targets, and on the highest tier structure, the commando has a 1 in 5 chance of completely removing a buff or debuff's cooldown after casting it successfully. This means that the commando can hit many more targets than any other class in a period of time, allowing it to somewhat carpet-bomb enemy defenses or empower massive amounts of allies before the battle.

Major Benefits in participating in PVP: As factions war against each other, the colonies contributing to the war effect will share in the spoils of war. In order for Federations to start a war, both Federations must fromt a certain amount of money, and then each week after that start of the war, that same amount of money must be paid by each federation. Each week, a tally would be taken of how many successful attacks and counters were dealt by each federation. Both numbers are added together to get the Federation's battle score, and the federation with the highest score wins all of the money from all participating federations for that week. This can be used in a free-for-all war that includes multple federations as well as just a regular rivalry between two federations, and the war can continue as long as the federations want it to continue, provided they have enough money to put forward. The winning federation is required to split the winnings among it's participating colonies, but how much a percentage of the win that it keeps to itself is optional. Just bear in mind that nobody will participate if there is not a big enough reward.


Benefits of debuffing enemies: When you debuff an enemy that doesn't currently have any status effects without being negated, you permanently gain a small amount of potency towards the debuff you casted and you get offense points that go to your offense score, which can be seen by other members of your federation. If you successfully negate a buffed enemy with a debuff, you gain silencer points towards your silencer score that other members can see and you permanenty gain a very small percentage chance of not being negated each time you cast a debuff or buff, even if your buff or debuff was countered correctly by a defending enemy(this also applies to buffs/debuffs casted with feedback loop). Finally, if you successfully negated a buff or debuff that negated your original buff/debuff on the same enemy, you will gain 2x silencer points and you get 2x more percentage added to your negation-block chance.

Brownout: Forcefully syphon energy from your enemy to temporarily add to your power capacity. Is negated by the Syphon buff but can negate the repair nanites buff. Casting this debuff successfully without having it negated will permanently add a 2% increase to the caster's power capacity that scales with their power capacity.
Category: Techno-warfare

EMP Blast: Blast your enemy with EMP waves that temporarily damage power producing buildings, causing a complete power blackout. the effects of the emp blast are shorter in duration than the brownout, but cannot be countered by simply increasing power production like brownout could. Negates the Syphon Buff but is negated by the repair nanites buff. Successfully casting this debuff without negation would award the caster with a permanent 2% faster build speed on all power producing buildings.

Plague: Inflict an enemy with a nasty plague that lowers the health of it's colonists over time. By treating the population of that colony like guinea pigs, you gain a boost towards research production. A plague will never kill a colonist directly, the lowest that a plague would bring a colonist would be 5%. This is avoid any colony from dying out because of warfare. Negated by the healing nanites buff but negates the probiotic bursts buff. Successfully casting this buff without negation will grant the caster a 2% increase in build speed of hospitals and scientific structures.

Famine: Target your enemy's food supply and reduce the amount of food they produce for a time. Negated by the probiotic bursts buff but negates the healing nanites buff since people can't heal without eating food. Successfully casting this buff without negation will grant the caster a permanent 2% increase in food storage.

World eater: You release a rare silicon-based life form that eats stone and metal into your enemy's colony. The creature quickly reproduces and infests all of the enemy's ore mines, viciously attacking the miners.. The enemy suffers a substantial reduction in production rates from any structure that relies on holes in the ground, including excavation sites, core mines, regolith extraction co.s, fracking plants, etc. The world eaters are trained to build storehouses for the ore they collect and share it with their masters. Successfully casting this debuff without having it negated will permanent multiply the attacker's total storage capacity for raw resources by 1.02, thus adding an extra 2% capacity in relation to the capacity they already have. This scales with resource capacity and applies to all resources that come from the ground, including alien arts, ore, gold, ura, alu, rego,
Category: Geo-warfare

Tectonic disruption: Pummel your enemy with earthquakes that make working in tall buildings extremely hard. The target suffers reduced work productivity depending on how potent your attack is and can't build or destroy any buildings during the duration of the debuff. Successfully casting this buff without negation will grant the caster 2% faster construction of any structure that classifies as a tall building.
Category: Geo-warfare

Splitter: A very costly and high tech buff that allows you to direct your buffs and debuffs toward two targets at once. In order to successfully target two allies/enemies with a particular status effect, you need to cast splitter on both targets in rapid succession(casts are no more than 5 minutes apart), otherwise the splitter buff/debuff would be wasted on only one target and the caster would have to wait the long cooldown in order to cast it again.
Category: Offensive Warfare

Malicious Sanctioning campaign: you target an enemy with a campaign to invite it's population to immigrate to your colony, thus leaching population away from them. Requires tons of civics to cast and a colony would have to be well established in order to have access to this attack and would need to have tons of space for new colonists. Negated by the repopulate buff but negates the Friendly sanctioning buff. Once a caster's housing space is filled up, the campaign will be ended, thus avoiding any homeless people. Successfully casting this debuff without running out of housing space or being negated will grant the caster a 2% increase in build speeds on all housing structures.
Category: Political Warfare

Purge: Purge your colony of any overly complacent colonists, forcing them to immigrate to your enemy. These colonists will immigrate to the enemy regardless of whether they have housing room or not. If the enemy doesn't have housing room, the immigrants because homeless and detract from their happiness score. This buff requires a lot of civics and would have a huge cooldown. Successfully casting this debuff would grant the caster a 2% increase in build speeds for all tourism structures.
Category: Political warfare

Blockade: Block and enemy's trade via gbt and all import/export/immigration buildings other than the Stargate. is negated by the subspace detour buff but negates the hyperspace transport buff. Requires starships to cast. During the blockade, the prices of all of the import/export stuctures besides your highest tier import/export building(stargate for humans) are reduced by 20% and the rewards gain from the exports are increased by 20%
Category: Economic Warfare

Subspace disruption: Disruption your enemy's Stargate connection, rendering their most advanced immigration and trade building useless. Negates the subspace detour buff but is negated by the hyperspace transport buff. During a disruption, your highest tier import/export building gains a 20% import price reduction and a 20% export reward increase.
Category: Economic Warfare


Benefits of buffing allies: There are good benefits to turning your colony unto a support colony that buffs it's allies. When you successfully negate a debuff, you permanently gain a small amount of resistance to the debuff that you negated, and you get defense points that go to your overall defense score that other members can see. When you cast a buff onto an ally while they aren't affected by any status affects, then you gain points towards your utility score, which other members can see as well, and you gain a potency increase to that buff.

Syphon: You temporarily sacrifice a portion of your power to add to an ally colony's power levels. Designed to negate the brownout debuff as long as the caster has enough extra power to successfully supplement that colony's needs as well as the extra demand for power that the brownout debuff adds. Unfortunately, the emp burst debuff negates this buff.
Category: Techno-warfare

Repair nanites: sends a swarm of nanites to repair any damage in an ally's technology caused by an EMP blast, immidiately negating the debuff. The brownout debuff destroys these nanites as the high electric demand causes electronics to overheat, vaporizing the nanites as they try to fix the damage. One side effect of getting hit with this buff is that they repair damage caused by other means, thereby repairing building infrastructure by a significant percentage.
Category: techno-warfare

Healing nanites: you send a swarm of healing nanites to an ally colony to heal it's occupants. Completely negates the plague debuff, but is negated by the dyson sphere debuff. Hospitals also heal sick colonists faster depending on buff potency.
Category: Bio-warfare

Probiotic bursts: gives an ally colony rapid food production for some time. This buff requires a large amount of food and water to charge, but when casted onto an ally colony, it releases massive clouds of genetically modified probiotics in the atmosphere, which help crops grow fast. negates the dyson sphere debuff, but is negated by the plague debuff.
Category: Bio-warfare

Ultrasonic resonance: Blast your ally with ultrasonic waves that purify the earth of any world eaters. Obviously this counters the world eater debuff. The resonance shakes ores and minerals loose from the rocks for easier collection. This adds a significant boost to production in all buildings that rely on holes in the ground. However, this buff does nothing against the tectonic disruption debuff.
Category: Geo-warfare

Cryonic infusion: calm an ally's planet down with the freezing power of cryo-science. Negates tectonic disruption, but world eaters are impervious to the extreme cold. The severe cold causes blue crystalline to grow on the surface of the planet, no matter what planet it is, and there is a percentage chance for each lava tile on a lava map to instantly turn into obsidian. Both of these benefits depend on buff potency.
Category: Geo-warfare

Repopulate: you sacrifice a portion of your population to save an ally from dying off by repopulating their colony. No resource or tech requirements. Not designed to negate any debuff, but designed to prevent any colony from dying off. This is a very low tier buff, and would be the first buff to be unlocked, so it really shouldn't be possible to kill off an enemy colony to where they can't recover, since they could always get reinforcements from allies. In fact, I could see some colonies specializing in this buff by increasing their population size way beyond their population requirements. Negates the sanctioning campaign debuff but people won't want to move to that colony if it been afflicted by a purge from another colony.
Category: Political Warfare

Friendly Sanctioning campaign: Help your ally by welcoming all of their homeless into your colony. The buff only stops when either the caster runs out of housing or the target runs out of homeless. negates the Purge debuff but is negated by the Malicious sanctioning debuff.
Category: Political Warfare

Subspace detour: Allow your ally to connect to your gbt via their stargate, thus allowing them to make trades. This negates a blockade debuff, but is negated by the subspace disruption debuff. Side effects from this buff include a reduced cost in civics for each gbt transaction and the reduction of cost and increase of reward from importing/exporting from the stargate or highest tier import/export building, depending on buff potency.

Wormhole: You create a wormhole above your planet that links to a wormhole above your allie's planet. Because of this, allies can travel more effectively without the need of a stargate. Negates subspace disruption but is negated by blockade. Has the same effect on gbt as subspace detour, but applies the cost and benefit modifiers to every tier other than the top tier import/export building.

SOS: This buff can only be applied to the colony casting it. It's basically a cry for help. Other allies can see a list of SOS reports for their federation and see the colony being attacked and identify the attacker. Afterward they can proceed to buff their ally in danger, or retaliate against the attacker with a debilitating debuff. There is no requirement or cost to cast this buff, you just have to have a communications device, consulate, or capital.
Category: Defensive Warfare

Feedback loop: Can only be applied to the caster, casting requires large amounts of power and the tech required with be pretty high to unlock this buff. Once this buff is casted, the caster can target themselves once with any buff, essentially being able to defend themselves instead of having to rely on another colony for counters. The feedback loop would come with a large cooldown, so the caster would have to choose wisely on.
Category: Defensive Warfare

Dimensional reflection: Reflect a buff or debuff back onto an enemy or ally, thus negating any effect on the caster completely and immediately. A high tech and a lot of resources required to cast this buff and comes with a long cooldown. This buff doesn't prevent an attack, you have to cast this buff during when you are experiencing a buff or debuff.
Category: Defensive Warfare

Charge: cast this buff before casting another buff or debuff to multiply the potency by 5. This also increases the cooldown of the buff being affected by 5. The most expensive buff in the game and comes with the highest cooldown.


Now with all of that out of the way, I want to remind everyone that I'm not expecting this whole beast of a concept to be plopped into the game. I hope that bast at least takes a consideration of the concept and uses pieces and parts from it, but I mainly just want to see the game grow to become more popular and hopefully some of my ideas play a part in making that happen. I will be making changes to this post to constantly refine it based on what I learn about what is feasible to do and what bast's plans are, so stay tuned.
5y ago
I have just put the finishing touches on the v0.75.0 update to My Colony, and will begin pushing it out to all platforms tomorrow (Thursday) morning, possibly even tonight if I get time. This is a huge update in terms of "under the hood" changes, and so there is a lot to cover here. It also marks the beginning of a series of "online" focused updates which will be taking place between now and the end of the year.

Now that My Colony has arrived on Steam (which you can find here), I have decided to shift focus a bit more away from the mobile side of things, towards the Desktop and online side of things. My Colony has always played better on the Desktop, but since the majority of users were on mobile, a lot of the design of the game had to be made with that reality in mind. As some of you already know, a few months ago, Google Play blacklisted My Colony from their store search results, cratering the mobile downloads of the game by over 90%. As a result, the My Colony user base has transformed from over 90% mobile users, to now almost 50/50 with Desktop users, spread out between my website, the Ape Apps Launcher, Windows 10, Chrome OS, Facebook Games, and now Steam. And even though the crash ratings on Google Play are back down under 2% and the downloads have picked back up slightly, it is still nowhere near where it once was. On top of that, the experience did open my eyes as to how Google Play operates, and demonstrated the risk involved with being tied so heavily to one platform. On Desktop, things are spread fairly evenly between the distribution networks (too early to tell on Steam yet), so there is a little bit of safety that comes with that situation. Plus, as I said, the game is just 10 times better on Desktop anyway.

So, just to be clear, I am not abandoning Android and iOS, and those platforms will continue to receive all of the latest updates. I am just not going to be focused on mobile first, and some features may not work on mobile platforms, as you will soon see below.

But enough of the intro, you are here to see what is new in this version, and there is quite a bit. So let's take a look!

First I want to go through some of the bugs that were addressed in this release, as one of them has a pretty large impact on later-stage Human colonies. So during this update, I discovered a mistake in the code that was majorly"nerfing" building consumption and production when the building had a very low "tick" phase. The two prime examples where the Ancient Alien Condenser and the Atmosphere Scrubber, but it would also impact buildings with tons of employees, like the Investment Bank.

Essentially, if the production/consumption tick phase was lower than that of the overall simulation's building tick phase, a bunch of update cycles for that building would get skipped, causing it to produce or consume resources at a far slower rate than it was supposed to. As far as I can tell, this issue has been baked into the game for ages, and when adding new content, I have just set the stats in a way to compensate for it, not even realizing it was there. As soon as I fixed the glitch though, the impact on Atmosphere was immediately apparent.

Ancient Alien Condensers and the Atmosphere Scrubber immediately went into "beast mode", chewing through millions of atmosphere in a matter of minutes. This brought my Atmosphere down to zero, causing all of the condensers in the colony to shut down, since they were out of "fuel". This led to an immediate water shortage which was difficult to get on top of, since I could not generate new atmosphere fast enough to keep up with the consumption of the condensers. I eventually just had to import a ton of water from the Star Gate.

Anyway, to address this, I slightly nerfed the stats on the Condenser, and introduced a new upgraded Large Atmosphere Generator to assist in rebuilding Atmosphere. I kept the Scrubbers running in beast mode though, I figured at their new consumption level, one Atmosphere Scrubber can take care of a pretty good sized colony.

So be aware of this new change, and modify your colony accordingly. I already know the bug reports section will be full of "I updated and now all of my Water is gone" reports, so just be aware of what is happening. It is not exactly a bug, but the result of the fix of a bug.

The next fix is related to Creative Mode in Region games. Basically, it didn't work before, and now it should.

Speaking of Regions, there was a glitch where Resource decay would be greatly amplified on Region maps. This has been corrected. I have also implemented several changes which I hope address the issue people have on Regions where tech/resources are lost. I cannot reproduce this issue on my own, so I hope the fix works. I know you will make me aware if it doesn't though!

Next, a lot of changes were made to the server this update. I am getting ready to add in-game moderators to My Colony, which I had hoped to have ready by now, but the server needed so many changes to accommodate for it, that I just didn't get to it. Just know that it is coming soon though.

The first big change comes with authenticated API calls. Aside from the public API's, you basically need to be logged in to your Ape Apps account to do anything on the server now. This requirement seems like a no brainer, but you have to realize that the My Colony server predates the Ape Apps Account server, and there were originally no account requirements at all.

Due to this change, the tie between your Ape Apps Account, your online colony, and the website is now pretty solid. If you happen to get banned from Ape Apps for some unrelated reason, your colony is pretty much inaccessible too, and you will need to send me an email convincing me why you should be able to get back in.

All colony resources are now stored on the server as well. They have actually been stored on the server for some time, but the server would never override the resources saved to your game file. Now it will. The server now keeps a timestamp and checksum synchronized to your online game saves, so that it can detect if you have decided to go back and restore a backup game file. This is to help detect different forms of cheating that are out there, and while restoring a backup does not flag you as a cheater, it is logged and will be available for review by the soon-to-be-announced in-game moderators.

Next up, in-game private messaging has been moved from the servers to the main servers. As a result, you can now view and reply to your in-game private messages from right here on They will also soon be available on Currently, they don't render very well on the website, but I will be making it all look pretty shortly. In-game it doesn't look much different from before, but in theory the message size limit is gone, although the game still doesn't let you write more characters. The website does though. In the coming updates though, the entire in-game messaging interface will be rewritten to take advantage of the new features available by using messaging.

The next big change in the game, which I have mentioned already in another thread and some may not be pleased with, is the complete rewrite of how colonial GDP is calculated. In short, it is now an actual GDP calculation, instead of just the sum of all of your resources. So now instead of measuring just how rich you are, which anybody can attain by simply getting a big gift from another colony or from the Galactic Emperor, it is now a measure of the current productive output of all of your buildings, tax collections, and resource collections. In this way, your GDP only grows if your industrial output is growing. If you are maxed out with full storage, then your GDP will be stagnant. I might adjust it next update to have GBT profits figured into the calculation as well, since it is technically a sale of goods. I haven't decided yet.

The game tracks your GDP over time, and will give you both quarterly and annual prints. It takes about two hours of game time to collect enough data to get a full GDP reading, so be aware of that. In your stats, the large GDP number is your current quarterly rate, and the smaller number is the annual rate. One game "year" is roughly equivalent to one real life hour. The quarterly and annual growth percentages also factor GBT price inflation into their calculations, so that large fluctuations in GBT prices do not throw the GDP growth values way off. In addition, the game ai now has "economic analysts" who will try to guess what your GDP growth rate should be every quarter, based on the trends of the last year, and will let you know each quarter if you were on target or below estimates. It's sort of like watching CNBC.

I might start adding other fun little news items to the GBT price ticker on the bottom of the screen too.

Next, there is a new feature that I hope people are able to have some fun with. I have added the ability in-game to stream a live feed of your game play onto your colony website at On supported platforms, there will now be a "Streaming" button in the bottom right corner of the screen. When you click on it, it will start up your live feed and turn Red, letting you know that it is on.

It also uses your microphone (if available and you give it permission) so that people watching your stream can hear your amazing voice-over commentary. Also when you turn on streaming, the in-game chat channel and the chat channel on your colony site are synchronized, so that you can text-chat directly with those viewing your feed. You will also get a notification in-game when somebody starts watching your live feed.

The in-game streaming works if you are playing on Chrome, Android, Native Client/Steam. It does not currently work on iOS or Windows 10 (Store) edition of the game. I am not sure about Facebook Game Center, as I did not test it.

Moving on, I have decided to merge the in-game popup Commonwealth and Diplomacy windows into the main Statistics window, so that everything is in one place. In-game private messaging will also be moving to this window soon, and eventually, a revamped in-game encyclopedia will be in there as well. I just think it's better to have all of the options in one tidy place.

You may have also noticed a new "Federation" option at the bottom. Federations are headed in-game to My Colony. I have been promising them for a year and a half now, and since I decided to focus on online play for the next couple of months, Federations went ahead and made the cut.

Creating or joining a Federation requires "government level 7", which is game-engine speak for "you need to build the Hall of Congress." This is pretty much the most expensive building in the game, and before now it hasn't really done anything for you. Now it unlocks Federations. Because of this requirement, only United Earth and LIS can make or join Federations, but Reptilians and Zolarg will be getting their own equivalent buildings in 0.76.0.

The only thing you can do with Federations right now is either make one, or join one. Making one is expensive, and joining one is free. However, when you choose to join a Federation, current federation members receive a ballot in their Federation screen and must vote to approve your membership.

Balloting works like this. When a new measure is put up, it will expire in three days. At the end of three days, the yays and nays are counted, and the winner is determined. However, if a measure receives yays (or nays) from over 50% of current Federation members before the three days are up, the vote is also ended.

The balloting system only works for admitting members right now, but it is going to be greatly expanded. Unlike Commonwealths, Federations are an "alliance of equals", with each independent member state getting 1 vote. One colony will be the president, voted on by the other members. The President will be able to put new initiatives up to a vote, and only the president can put a new initiative up, unless that initiative is a vote of no-confidence in the President, which could be needed if the current president goes inactive.

Federations are going to be able to do things that regular colonies cannot do and, for those who wish to enable it, there is going to be an optional PVP element coming for Federations making use of Star Ships. I am not talking about attacking peoples bases or anything, but you might be able to send your fleet to blockade a planet, disrupt communications, etc. I am welcome to ideas on it, but this element will be 100% optional, and you can only do the PVP mode with Federation members who have enabled it. I want people to still be able to play a 100% peaceful mode if they wish.

The Federations are in the early stages, but there will be new Federation stuff with each update, so feel free to start one up and start accepting members, so you are ready for when the fun stuff goes live.

So those are the primary new things in this update, I am sure there are others, but I don't remember off the top of my head. Now I just want to give a quick update on what is coming next.

As I mentioned, Federations are going to be fleshed out over the next few updates. In addition, both Federations and non-federation planets will be able to establish Trade Routes using their Star Ships, and the Colonial Map from the website is going to be accessible in-game soon to aid in this. There are also new interactions coming for Embassies, some of which will only be available to PVP Federations. To support this, both Zolarg and Reptilians are getting new giant 'Hall of Congress' type building soon, as well as Star Ship production.

There are also going to be further changes made to the My Colony website to accommodate all of the new stuff. Federations will each have their own page, and unlike Commonwealths, there will be a few customization options for a Federation page. If you haven't looked at the My Colony website recently, check it out, I've been adding things here and there over the last few weeks:

Finally, in-game moderators are on the way. I have several applications, and will be contacting people with offers as soon as the server is ready for them. There is still a bit of server work I need to do to accommodate what I want to do with moderation, but I think when it's all implemented, it will make the online experience a lot better for everybody.

So that is all for this update. This one took me longer than normal to put together, and I have to spend the next few days catching up on other projects, but I should start v0.76.0 mid next-week. Until then, enjoy the update, and it should be hitting all platforms within the coming days!
5y ago
As MC2 gameplay starts to move towards an increasingly connected universe, federations could serve as the ultimate fronts of player interaction, waging war against each other on a massive scale or stockpiling vast amounts of resources, complete with custom banners and a private chat channel.
Within a federation, each member would hold an arbitrary set of ranks corresponding to various roles/permissions such as recruiting, voting on fed policies, or managing the treasury. The initial player(s) who created the federation would in theory be able to do anything to that federation, but if there were multiple founders, they would have to agree through some form of vote on any higher-level actions besides leaving the federation themselves. Creating a federation would cost an extremely large amount of money and civics shared across its founding members in order to encourage federations' multiplayer potential.

However, while formalized player alliances are nice and all, the real strength of federations lies in their system of federal property. Members of a federation would have the ability to find or create federal worlds collectively managed by the federation, with save files for each world cloud-synced to a special federation container. All fed members would be able to play on their federation's worlds, either by running the latest version of the world file as the server and/or client or joining another member's server. Though each member would start off with an individual lander, resources and build permissions would be shared by all fed members across the world, allowing for a great degree of collaborative development. Outsiders would still be able to join and make settlements on running federal worlds, but run the risk of destruction and possibly a war declaration. Federal worlds could become industrial powerhouses bolstering the growth of its members' other worlds, terrifying military garrisons housing thousands of starships, or resplendent beacons of achievement and prestige outstanding among the entire galaxy. Some buildings such as higher government functions or fed-wide corporate offices would also be exclusive to federal worlds, boasting a much higher production bonus (if applicable) than their single-player counterparts.

Altogether, federations in MC2 could become the strongest forces within its playerbase, exerting a much greater amount of control over the universe than in MC1 and driving player interactions well beyond simple trade or chat. The one thing I'm a little concerned about is whether or not it would be possible to manage cloud save files among multiple people, so might that kind of system be able to work @bastecklein? Let me know what you think!
9mo ago
I have ideas.

A federation is a group of CW's. Each commonwealth can join ONLY if the leader has a congress hall. You can create a federation with like 100,000,000 civics and a congress hall. You can manage your federation from your congress hall. Leaders of commonwealths talk to Leaders of commonwealths, but if one colony in a commonwealth in a federation has a congress hall and is not the leader, he/she can see the conversations.

There is also Federative Research.

It will add a POINT to joining a Federation. The leader can gather federative research over time depending on how many CW's there are. With this, all the colonies in the commonwealths in the federation can use federative reaserch if they have a congress hall. With this, they can unlock many amazing new technologies. (Federative Techs)

There could also be a building.
Federative Research Lab
Must be leader of federation.
With this, you can see all the federative reaseach your federation has gathered.

Cost like
500,000,000 civics
100,000,000 ore
150,000,000 gold
50,000,000 steel
1,500,000,000 microchip
100,000 al
10 ur
150,000 tetr
100,000,000 plastic
6y ago

Join the Trade Federation Commonwealth

Another idea of mine would be the ability to allow this game to be somewhat influenced by federations. Winning matches in colony wars against an opposing federation in my colony could be a way for federations to earn more money. This would be an easier way to tie those two games together without tainting the My Colony playstyle with pvp elements. Colony wars could draw federation info from the federation list on the mc server and would be able to edit details about federation on that list in order to create a federation ranking system, award victorious federations with money after each skirmish, etc.

Battles between federations would be straightforward. All parties agree on an amount of money to put in the pot before the battle is launched, and the last federation on the playing field wins the pot, raises their rank, and wins bragging rights. In federation battles, each team should have exactly the same amount of human players, and there should be an option to fill any extra slots with ai players, so long as each team ends up with the same amount of ai players and human players. This maintains faireness, and the ai difficulty would be adjustable as well, but would apply to all ai's on the field. For instance, if 3 federations want to face off on a 3 team map with 6 slots, they are not allowed to have a 1 v 1 v 2 of human players with the rest of the slots filled with ai's, each federation would need to have 1 human and 1 ai player, or 2 human players. I wouldn't apply this restriction to maps played between individual players that just want to mix things up, but with federations, things need to be kept fair and official.

Well that's my ideas regarding the playstyle for federations if they were to be tied in somehow. Hopefully it was helpful.
5y ago
Amorphus said:Another idea of mine would be the ability to allow this game to be somewhat influenced by federations. Winning matches in colony wars against an opposing federation in my colony could be a way for federations to earn more money. This would be an easier way to tie those two games together without tainting the My Colony playstyle with pvp elements. Colony wars could draw federation info from the federation list on the mc server and would be able to edit details about federation on that list in order to create a federation ranking system, award victorious federations with money after each skirmish, etc.

Battles between federations would be straightforward. All parties agree on an amount of money to put in the pot before the battle is launched, and the last federation on the playing field wins the pot, raises their rank, and wins bragging rights. In federation battles, each team should have exactly the same amount of human players, and there should be an option to fill any extra slots with ai players, so long as each team ends up with the same amount of ai players and human players. This maintains faireness, and the ai difficulty would be adjustable as well, but would apply to all ai's on the field. For instance, if 3 federations want to face off on a 3 team map with 6 slots, they are not allowed to have a 1 v 1 v 2 of human players with the rest of the slots filled with ai's, each federation would need to have 1 human and 1 ai player, or 2 human players. I wouldn't apply this restriction to maps played between individual players that just want to mix things up, but with federations, things need to be kept fair and official.

Well that's my ideas regarding the playstyle for federations if they were to be tied in somehow. Hopefully it was helpful.

I've thought about it myself, but could make relationships between feds go sour. Ppl can take it to seriously.
5y ago
Since yesterday got a bug fix/maintenance patch for My Colony 2, and since Dark Matter Pt2 update is not yet ready for prime time, I figured My Colony 1 could get the same treatment, so the new v1.24.0 patch should be hitting all platforms over the next few days. What's new? Let's find out!

Even with the existing Turbo Drones, some of the newer buildings were taking forever and a day to construct. That is where the brand new Ultra Drone comes in! The Ultra Drone requires Dark Matter tech and is basically the build-speed equivalent of 1,500 Turbo Drones, so it's very fast at building. It is also by far the most expensive unit in the game, but just one of these bad boys should take care of all of your mega construction needs (for now at least)!

I made some cosmetic changes to the Diamond Refinery and the Diamond Miner, because they both had L.I.S. flags painted on them, even though they can also be built by United Earth. The L.I.S. logo has been removed.

Speaking of new paint job, the Challenges window was spruced up just a bit. First, Second and Third place now get Gold, Silver and Bronze colors respectively. You can now also click on every colony and federation name to bring up their respective windows.

But you might be saying, "there is no Federation window" and you would be right, until now. I have started building the federation info window, which now shows up when you click on a federation name. It gives basic info and a Request Membership button, making it easier for users to join a federation they are interested in. It is still bare bones, but will be fleshed out more later.

Also, now if a colony is a member of a federation, you will see a new button that links to their Federation window when you are looking at their colony info screen, making requesting federation membership even easier.

In the last update, there was a bug where participating in a challenge from a Region city would cause the city to keep losing resources when the regional output/input was simulated. This has been fixed. I also fixed a bug that was causing builder units to act strangely.

Now for the stuff people will not be as happy about.

Last time I spoke of removing Import/Export completely from online games. Some people liked this, some hated it. For now, I have kept Import in the game with the 99.99% price penalty, and have kept Export in the game and reduced the penalty from 99.99% to just 90%. I might adjust that further later, or may still remove it completely. TBH the extreme penalties have not really caused much of a problem that people were claiming it would.

And now for the change that I think I will get the most rage from on this update, resource decay has been increased dramatically, as in the engine will now try to get your resource level down to your storage capacity within 10 minutes or so (that is not a hard number, that is just roughly how long it takes). I consider being able to have more resources than you have storage for to be an exploit anyway, and now it has been patched, but the patch does give the player sufficient time to use export or post stuff onto the marketplace. Basically, the higher above your storage capacity, the faster your resource will decay, and if you are just a little bit over, it will decay basically at the old decay rate. So if you have, for example, 50 million star ships but can only store 10,000, you will be losing millions per second at the beginning. This is another change geared towards bringing galactic resource values into balance.

Finally, over the next month or so, I am doing a "dark structure" series on the collectable structures window (which you can find by clicking on the "New Content Available" button. These will basically be dark theme colored variants of some of the most popular regular structures, so if you have any requests of structures you would like to see get the dark treatment, let me know!

So anyway, that is all for this update. I know that some tweaks are being made to the rest of the Dark Matter update, so stay tuned for that, and as always let me know what bugs or other issues you find in the game. And until next time, enjoy!

1y ago
Well if you look at guilds in game what you see is a group of leaders and then different roles usually to define some sort of hiarchy or to have groups of type of players. Usually because MMORPG games have mages, archers, melee etc. And they come in 50 kind of flavours. MC is different.

What a in game federation could be is a chat where you can talk to everyone who is part of the Federation, a federation building where you have federation bank. Everyone in the Federation contributes to it and profits from it in a equal way. To make it more interesting there should be some type of quest / mission system you can only do as a federation to unlock special resources and or buildings. things you can't have without a federation.

It should offer something to make it worthwhile to join, as it is now it`s more of a community than actual in game help. Besides embassies and trades and such. And sure there should be something where you have different relations with different federations. I remember a game I played (orion or something) where they had defined per race (civilization) how you need to behave / respond. Like in real life, every country and it's people have a character. And you should be able to choose a race in MC that reflects that. Some are easy to have diplomatic relations with, others you have to invest more.
6y ago
Nice idea, having a more exclusive trading system for your federation would benefit the federations greatly. However, I think that there should also be a few more benefits to using the federation market. Perhaps the cost of civics is drastically reduced, allowing for much larger trades. Perhaps there is no punishment from server moderators for over or undercharging for a trade, leaving it up to the federation king and federation moderators to set regulations and punishments. People might be swayed to join one federation over the other because they like one federation's regulations better than another's.

It really would depend on how much management effort you are willing to put in. If you want to have more lax regulations, you'll draw lots of people in, but you'll also draw the wrong people, who cheat and hack their way to the top, thereby causing you to have to do more management. But if you're regulations are strict from the beginning, you won't draw many people in, but those who do come in will be more likely to follow the regulations, and you won't have to do as much managing.
5y ago
In the old game they where useless, but that doesn't have to be the case for MC2. Here is a list of my ideas for federations in the new game.

1. Improving the hierarchy
In the first game federations were very shallow, and there was no real hierarchy. I believe new federations should have the following hierarchy:
President: the highest ranking official in a fed, they are to be elected every 2-4 weeks depending on the federations internal rules.
Vice president: is assigned by the president, their job is to manage members of the federation, promoting and demoting them based on behavior.
Senior advisor: this guy has 1 job make sure everything is done correctly in his field. Example, the economic senior advisor would be responsible for overseeing the economic output of the federation.
Senior member: this rank is meant for those players who have proven their loyalty to a particular fed, they get benefits which I will explain later.
Member: average member, has voting rights but not much else.

2. Federation taxes
Federations need to have a way of collecting money to spend later on, which is where fed taxes come in. Its calculated based on your colony's/commonwealth's gdp, and is mandatory every 1-5 months, depending on the tax policy the president chooses to enforce. If a member refuses to pay taxes then they risk getting kicked out of the fed.

3. Federation benefits
This ties in to number 2. Why would we have to spend money to be in a fed if they don't give us anything back in return? Exactly, which is why I believe federations should have the ability to restrict and tax trade in certain areas of a planet or the galaxy even. What this means is that non fed members will not be able to trade or mine resources in these zones without the permission of the fed, or without having to pay hefty tarrifs which will give fed members an economic boost. Also within these zones everyone will have a special fed marketplace to trade amongst themselves at lower prices than the regular gbt. How will the prices be lowered you ask, via subsidies of course! The fed president will choose certain goods and provide a subsidy for them, making them cheaper for fed members. I should note however that when I say fed members I mean senior members and above only, this is because senior members have proved their loyalty to the fed, and have earned the right to benefit from being in said federation.

4. Federation assistance
Is your colony too small? Are you having an economic meltdown? Well if your federation has a few bucks to spare then you're in luck because you might be eligible for a stimulus package. What's a stimulus package? Its a sum of money given to you by the fed that you can only use to pay salaries and build essential buildings. Its meant as a safety net for small to medium sized colonies so that they don't collapse every time something little goes wrong. Stimulus packages are only available for senior members and above.

Well thats all I can think of for now, if I get more ideas I will make a part 2.
3y ago
"From the Largest Federation in My Colony, comes a BRAND NEW Antiquitas Federation - WE WANT YOU!" This suggests you've made a federation which you evidently haven't. Please could you correct the title to "From the Largest Federation in My Colony, comes a BRAND NEW Antiquitas Channel - WE WANT YOU!"
6y ago
Federation Ranks:
Heads the federation. Manages the Discord page, the commonwealths, and anything else that may need taken care of. Elected every 6 months.
Second in command. Manages the federation in the leader's absence. Has all of the same responsibilities of the leader. Elected every 6 months.
Third in command. The head of justice in the federation. Advisor to the leader and chairman. Appointed by leader.
Manages the resources and the image of the federation. Heads all outside relations. Elected every 6 months.
A leader of a commonwealth.
A member of a commonwealth.
5y ago
If you take a look at the commonwealth section on this forum, you can see that almost every post is exclusively from either one of two federations: NOZ and the FFF. Both federations have a lot of members and will want to be included on the first page of the commonwealth list to advertise and grow their colony, however with so many from both federations that just isn't possible.

I believe that the current ruleset for advertising is outdated, as federations are now in the game and those federations are not small. I propose that we change the format of that section to have federation subsections and put all commonwealth advertisements who are part of a particular federation into their respective subsection. Those without a federation can still post outside of these federation subsection.

I believe this is an important organisational step so that every federation that exists now and in the future won't be spamming their advertisements to be on the front page, thus keeping it cleaner and easier to find what is wanted. Simply call it "(name of federation) - charter's list" under the commonwealths section, or something to that effect.

What do you think about this idea @cry8wolf9, @bastecklein?
5y ago
H3110 guys!


I have heard about the federation balloting function have gone dead, via the NOZ Discord Channel (Invitation Link ), due to the dead/inactive commonwealths, the 50% of votes requirement is unreachable in every ballot.

Today, as a My Colony player, altogether with other NOZ Federation active members, would like to adress on this big issue, to find ways to solve it.

Here are the solutions we have discussed in the Discord Server, and part of my ideas:
  • Solution A - Give the adminstrators of the Federation more rights.
    This one is simple. Leaders are granted with one great power - the right to kick the members out, the most direct way to purge off the inactive members by the Federations themselves.
  • Solution B - Automatic Inactive Member Purge System (A-IMPS)
    This may require more workings, but it will make every leader’s job easier. Members who are too inactive will be AUTOMATICALLY KICKED OUT. Such as, for three consecutive ballots the members did not participate, the member will face his doom of being evicted from the Federation at immediate.
  • Solution C - Balloting system reform
    Sometimes instead of adding new systems, it may be better the reform the existing one. Lower the requiement for balloting a pass would helps, but how to amend it would base on the cases of disruption.

May the colony magic be with you!
Federation NOZ
I personally think this would be a great idea. It could allow colonies to join the 'Federation' but not have to be in a certain commonwealth, for example there could be multiple commonwealths and independent colonies under one federation. I also believe it would be great for there to be a ranking system involved, thus being that every member has a rank (much like guilds) for example the order could go (not specific on names but you get the general idea): Overlord, Officer, Lieutenant, Sergeant, rookie and noob. Each role would have different permissions (set by the federation leader and the rank names should be changeable by the leader/co-leader/s)

The federation leader, should simply be the person who made the federation, however let there be the option for impeachment (much like a real world government), so yes it could be viewed as a government, with general policies for the commonwealths and independent colonies in it. For example a tax.

It would allow already made 'Federations' like FFF to have a real purpose.

General ideas:
1. Trade tax within commonwealth members.
2. Daily money earned for attendance (set by 'commonwealth contract')

I hope I've put some ideas forward. :)
6y ago
Until the date, where like My Colony, where leaders come together to define the rules of a what a Antiquitas Federation should and should not be, the title and post shall remain.

Again, I reiterate. The Channel is temporary. And it is such that new members would not be left alone on a server that has very little people. Discord calls it a channel, we repurpose it to be for our NOZ Antiquitas Federation. Two Federations can exist on one server Gaul, albeit they are separate entities.

I hope you do not revisit this subject.

So come by to NOZ, where the NOZ Antiquitas Federation exists.
6y ago
This is a quick post to set a few (very few) guidelines for posting commonwealth and federation advertisements.

Commonwealth advertising should be done in the Commonwealth section.

A Commonwealth is an independent colony with dependent colonies.

A Federation is a collection of independent colonies and their dependent colonies working together.
  • Mind your own business. If you don't like what someone is advertising in their commonwealth or federation, and it doesn't break forum rules, keep it to yourself.
  • One advertisement per commonwealth.
  • One advertisement per federation.
  • Have fun!
5y ago
feds should be allowed to pick their structure type, it can be an oligarchy, a democracy or a monarchy. a fed can become an oligarchy or monarchy via a vote, or via a coup, which will take starships. This coup won't affect the individual colonies and thus nobody will lose their resources. a coup has a certain chance it will succeed, the more starships there are attacking, the more likely it is to succeed. of course, people can choose to defend their federation with their own starships, which decreases the likelihood that the coup would be successful. in an oligarchy, the richest 10 members of the federation will control every aspect of the fed. in a monarchy, the monarch controls every aspect of the fed, and in a democracy, the members vote on everything. if the monarch or oligarchs wish to change the government back to democracy they can do so by passing a law. the federation members can also stage a revolution (which is essentially just a coup in reverse) to change the federation back to democracy by pressing the revolution button. If 10 members all push the button within a week then a revolution will begin.
5y ago
It would be nice if federations had a purpose in game instead of being a symbolic group of colonies. I have made a list of features that I think should be added to federations in My Colony 1 or 2.

1. Federation territory: federations should have the ability to control a section of space on the the my colony grid map. Perhaps they could annex ungoverned space using starships. All colonies located in the fed territory will have to abide by fed rules, even if they are not a part of the federation. This means the federation would be able to tax all subservient colonies and commonwealths, impose restrictions on their production capabilities, and more.

2. Fed wars: to make the game more dynamic, federations should have the option to go to war with each other to gain territory. When 2 feds declare war on each other, they will each send star ships to start attacking each other. The starships will be sent out in batches and controlled by players in each federation. In order to capture territory you must fly your starships over enemy territory for 5 minutes, after which a chunk of the territory will be siezed. There are 3 ways to end a war, 1st is to surrender, and let the other side take full control, the 2nd is to negotiate an end, and the third is to capture the the main colony of the commonwealth that is currently leading the opposing fed resulting in a complete victory. If you choose the second option you will still lose some territory but your fed will not be erased from existence, like if you where to surrender.

3. Federation eez and other economic features: federations should offer some kind of economic zone where all members can trade freely and establish colonies without fear of them being annexed. This will give players another reason to join federations, especially new players who still need help to Jumpstart their economy.

Thats all I have for now, tell me what you think in the comments.
3y ago
Well, I guess some people open up the commonwealth section of this forum, and your federation is, lets put it this way, quite well represented. I don't feel that way, and essentailly the subforum is there to advertise your commonwealth, or in your case your federation. But people might get the impression that your spamming (also the capitalized letters are not helping that).
Also, as you said, some people just don't want to be part of a federation, and grow their own commonwealth. Those people might see you as their competitor, although this doesnt really make sense looking at how many people joined under me without any advertising whatsoever, plus I see people actually complaing about how many people are joining under them with the private toggle gone.
Their aggressive attidude is, as colbya said, probably due to jealousy, or they might just think it makes them cool, in a 'hey look, im this badass outcast guy, and you can join under my charter and be equaly great!' sorta way.
I think, even though its not my kinda thing, that the whole federation stuff is a great idea, and you should be proud of what your doing, the effort your all putting into it :-)
6y ago
In option 2 there would be a site for federation management and federation (possible) members to admit requests.
In option 3 the site would only be for federation management and federation members wouldn't have to do anything with it.
6y ago
neo you forget some thing
that the rule of fed
and neo have forget to say one thing
other federation are creat like
FFF ,i don't like the leader-First Future Fédération
NOZ,néo do the présentation
NUF,the federation who merged with IFMCB (Independent Federation of My Colony Blogger and QIGN(i forget the name and NUF is National Universe Federation
but it is right in the dark we can't read because it is hurting eye(vas think to do a pool the next time)

The Nations of OZ, or NOZ is a My Colony Federation. However, with the booming interests of our members we have decided to branch out to Antiquitas.

The Nationes ex OZ Crest

The Garuda Crest is the Emblem if Nationes Ex OZ. The Garuda with its keen eyes symbolizes perspicacity, courage, strength and immortality, but is also considered the "king of the skies" and messenger of the highest gods. Not to be confused with the Roman Aquila, the crest depicted here shows close ties with Nations of Oz. The Nations of OZ are a group of Wizards that conjure with their magical orbs. The Orb is also shown in this crest, with the Garuda chasing it. May the Nationes ex OZ, Antiquitas sister of the Nations of OZ rise.

The Antiquitas Channel resides in our Discord Server.

The Nations of OZ boasts an international server, with people from Singapore, Canada, USA, Indonesia, Chile, India, UK, Romania, Netherlands, Belgium, Philippines, Spain, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Australia and so much more!

How to join us?

Nations of OZ Federation DISCORD link -

What is DISCORD?

Discord is a free voice and text chat app for gamers and works on both your desktop and phone.We all meet on Discord to share, and enjoy each others company while we wait for our storehouses to be full. Come on by, and meet the people of My Colony face to face. Join us as we step into a world of fantasy.

Wiki : Discord is a proprietary freeware VoIP application designed for gaming communities. Discord runs on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and in a web browser. As of May 2017, Discord has over 45 million users.
6y ago
Ah, but that is also a half truth. The channel is temporary. The server has already been built and already exists.

The New 'Nationes ex Oz' Federation server was carefully created by NOZ leaders, however, it would be detrimental to the new community if only a handful are in a new server (A long wait for questions, nobody to talk to etc). As such the move will only take place once we hit a specific number on NOZ.

So yes, the Federation is currently hosted on a channel.
6y ago
NeotheOne said:Ah, but that is also a half truth. The channel is temporary. The server has already been built and already exists.

The New 'Nationes ex Oz' Federation server was carefully created by NOZ leaders, however, it would be detrimental to the new community if only a handful are in a new server (A long wait for questions, nobody to talk to etc). As such the move will only take place once we hit a specific number on NOZ.

So yes, the Federation is currently hosted on a channel.

So you still need to change the name.....
6y ago

The Carter Galactic Federation is a new federation in My Colony that strives for the best for its members.
-Anyone can join
-Must be willing to share resources if requested
-Must be active more than 50% of the week.
-Must be kind
-Have the ability to have fun : )

Current Members:
Pop. ~10,000
10 members
Status: Active
Pop. ~500
3 members
Status: Active
Pop. ~3,000
2 members
Status: Active
Pop. ~42,000
6 members
Status: Active
Pop. ~500,000
50 members
Status: Active
-Could Be You!

Join the Carter Galactic Federation Today!
Join Our Discord Page:
Ape Apps Chatroom for CGF if you don't want to join Discord:
5y ago
How do become an ambassador for my federation, the Carter Galactic Federation? I would like for our federations to form an alliance.
5y ago
nunez499 said:Swallowed by NOZ lol.

Tgf merged with NOZ
QIGN merged with NUF
The Rebellion was disbanded.
Nuf still exists but isn't an actual fed.

Don't recall any other.
if that is the case, then the only other federation I should know about is the fff, as the leader of the federation, would you mind posting a comment about your federation, and what benefits it has. the last time I played I heard your federation was the largest and the oldest, has that changed?
5y ago
It's still the oldest and the largest it depends on the criteria you use. Noz and us had a heated debate about it.

The basic concept of a Federation hasn't changed, a community based on discord based on mycolony enthousiasts. Commonwealth leaders, their members. Anyone who plays MyColony or antiquitas is welcome.

The community (federation) is there to have fun talking about the game and helping you grow. With trades, tips & tricks, sharing knowledge.

We are smaller now then we used to be. Due to certain changes in the game a lot of people stopped playing and left the fff or were removed after several weeks of inactivity.

We are always looking for ways to improve our colonies and our federation.

Just come to the server and see for yourself, you don't have to officially join if you don't want yet. But you can be on the server and talk to people. Until you decide you want to join, members have some benefits others don't like more channels and options to grow inside the federation to be important and help actively improve the FFF.
5y ago
so what I was thinking is that maybe federations would have their own markets accessible to their members only, and every member who wants to use the market pays a fee(which is used to keep the running the market) to the federation(except the president of the federation). the reason members would want to use these in-game markets is because they allow for the use of special federation trade routes(federations should also be allowed to establish trade routes if they possess starships) that are not available on the gbt.
5y ago
Instead of just a president, maybe the federation could also have a vice president and a cabnet in charge of managing the diffrent aspects of the federation. For instance one cabnet member could be a treasurer in charge of managing the funds, another could be a war strategist in charge of making sure the federation trade routes are well protected, and so on. The president and vice president are elected sepereatley, but the cabnet is picked by the president. The vice president is in charge of breaking ties whenever the votes are 50 50 while most of the real power goes to the president. Also the president has the power to veto the actions of his cabnet.
5y ago
This is the commonwealth thread of the Corporate Sector.
Disclaimer: All of the below is, if you can't tell, a narrative. Stories are fictitious and not real.

I want to join

What is the Corporate Sector?
The Corporate Sector is a region, created after the decay of the Trade Federation, a glorious past colony. The company could not keep up with other emerging companies with a new innovative structure- regions, consisting of mass resource outputs. Because of this problem, the leadership of the Trade Federation transferred the remaining assets of the company were relocated into the Corporate Sector after a restructure. The Commonwealth of this sector is intended to be a place where corporations can grow into formidable galactic players.

  • A non-existent tax rate. No one likes taxes
  • 100% payroll. Because we'll subsidize your employees while you're with us
  • Benefit from our significant experience in setting up colonies
  • Benefit from our resource stores. We will help you get started
  • A message response in a day, if it was sent to our offices.

How do you join, then? Input the charter code: i227bhNo while creating a colony or switching your commonwealth when prompted, and enjoy being part of the Corporate Sector. Easy.

Also, enjoy better support in the NOZ Federation. The NOZ federation consists of experienced and large colonies ready to help out new players. It is a Discord gaming server that also consists of other games, bot games and a large community. Join here: Also join the NOZ Discord Server for additional mechanics such as investing in the Corporate Sector.
4y ago
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