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My Colony v1.24.0 Released

Since yesterday got a bug fix/maintenance patch for My Colony 2, and since Dark Matter Pt2 update is not yet ready for prime time, I figured My Colony 1 could get the same treatment, so the new v1.24.0 patch should be hitting all platforms over the next few days. What's new? Let's find out!

Even with the existing Turbo Drones, some of the newer buildings were taking forever and a day to construct. That is where the brand new Ultra Drone comes in! The Ultra Drone requires Dark Matter tech and is basically the build-speed equivalent of 1,500 Turbo Drones, so it's very fast at building. It is also by far the most expensive unit in the game, but just one of these bad boys should take care of all of your mega construction needs (for now at least)!

I made some cosmetic changes to the Diamond Refinery and the Diamond Miner, because they both had L.I.S. flags painted on them, even though they can also be built by United Earth. The L.I.S. logo has been removed.

Speaking of new paint job, the Challenges window was spruced up just a bit. First, Second and Third place now get Gold, Silver and Bronze colors respectively. You can now also click on every colony and federation name to bring up their respective windows.

But you might be saying, "there is no Federation window" and you would be right, until now. I have started building the federation info window, which now shows up when you click on a federation name. It gives basic info and a Request Membership button, making it easier for users to join a federation they are interested in. It is still bare bones, but will be fleshed out more later.

Also, now if a colony is a member of a federation, you will see a new button that links to their Federation window when you are looking at their colony info screen, making requesting federation membership even easier.

In the last update, there was a bug where participating in a challenge from a Region city would cause the city to keep losing resources when the regional output/input was simulated. This has been fixed. I also fixed a bug that was causing builder units to act strangely.

Now for the stuff people will not be as happy about.

Last time I spoke of removing Import/Export completely from online games. Some people liked this, some hated it. For now, I have kept Import in the game with the 99.99% price penalty, and have kept Export in the game and reduced the penalty from 99.99% to just 90%. I might adjust that further later, or may still remove it completely. TBH the extreme penalties have not really caused much of a problem that people were claiming it would.

And now for the change that I think I will get the most rage from on this update, resource decay has been increased dramatically, as in the engine will now try to get your resource level down to your storage capacity within 10 minutes or so (that is not a hard number, that is just roughly how long it takes). I consider being able to have more resources than you have storage for to be an exploit anyway, and now it has been patched, but the patch does give the player sufficient time to use export or post stuff onto the marketplace. Basically, the higher above your storage capacity, the faster your resource will decay, and if you are just a little bit over, it will decay basically at the old decay rate. So if you have, for example, 50 million star ships but can only store 10,000, you will be losing millions per second at the beginning. This is another change geared towards bringing galactic resource values into balance.

Finally, over the next month or so, I am doing a "dark structure" series on the collectable structures window (which you can find by clicking on the "New Content Available" button. These will basically be dark theme colored variants of some of the most popular regular structures, so if you have any requests of structures you would like to see get the dark treatment, let me know!

So anyway, that is all for this update. I know that some tweaks are being made to the rest of the Dark Matter update, so stay tuned for that, and as always let me know what bugs or other issues you find in the game. And until next time, enjoy!

Also forgot to mention that My Colony is going to be a part of the fall sale on Steam that I think is starting next week, so if you are in the market to get My Colony premium, I think it's supposed to be 20% off on Steam coming up soon here, so keep an eye out for that.
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Thank you so much Bast! I have always been a fan of your games!
side opinion, but would it be alright to leave the export/import function? because the board of trade sometimes doesn't have any buyers for certain materials so the only way to sell it is through exporting
A reduction to 90% is so nice, I can actually make some money now. And I cant wait for decay to eat the 400b bricks I have no room for. :)
Face the fear, build the future.
I feel you there my friend. We need easier ways to make that large sum of money required to earn the Dark Matter tech.
The new bot looks cool .
My question for this game is now that its near impossible to gain 35 TRILLION coins playing on line will any thing be added to offset the problem .Or is playing on line just dead ?
selling resourses just wont work for 35 trill NO ONE buys ships it would take 100 billion arts or so and no one buys darkmatter .
I spent a week tring to see if i could get the 35 trillion on line . ONLY ships can sell enough of to get it and ships dont sell
i think this decay thing has made multiplayer regions impossible to create
Nice Update.

Can we get a QoL Update for Numbers at the challenges? E.g. Hovering over the amount spent (at the challenge bar) gives a small info on the exact amount spent.

Maybe also who is in the lead ( Which would interest me right now for the starship Challenge)

And a better Timer, which shows the time better than "x Days remaining".

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Super excited for 1.25 to come out!
My Colony

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