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I have yet to receive information about the upcoming Tier IV units
4h ago
Your idea is actually quite old, but recently I've been looking for ways to mine gold. Useful. Please share more pictures.
7h ago
Hello there, everyone. I recently had discovered a new bug within the game. Whenever I load up a world with high memory (~>300 kB), the game immediately crashes. I do not know why exactly this is happening but @bastecklein, I urge you to please fix this bug as soon as possible. Thank you.
Can not build any building that requires anything more than advanced builder bot. It is at the edge of my city - maybe that causes some issues? Video example below (yt butchered video quality):
15h ago
You put in faith but no ways to bring it up ? im assuming its a churchs thing ?
18h ago
This Spice Den combines Spice with the elusive Duskshroom, generating 3x the profit of a regular Spice Den! It even out-produces the Investment Bank in money output, but you do need to get your hands on both Spice and Duskshrooms to use it.

Anyways, @bastecklein, do you have any plans for this suggestion?
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Investment Bank

After staring at like a thousand of these, I figured I could spice them up a little. Let me know what you think could make my version better!

(note: the plants are fake so you can still build these on airless worlds)
1d ago
Thanks for the quick reply, it's working now.
2d ago
The premium shows as being on your account, so you should be good to go. Maybe on the phone try logging off and logging back in again.
2d ago
Hi, I finally bought the game in steam and just downloaded gotta say it's like 100 time better than mobile.
Just wanted to know why on my pc it says that my account is premium and I can use premium content although on the mobile app I'm still a "unpremium" version could someone help thanks.
2d ago
Great to hear, now #mc2-voxeling is actually useful!
2d ago
Thank you, @RekEm1999.

Anyways, @bastecklein, what do you think about these ideas?
Updated on 2024-03-02 to document the csv and em URL parameters.
2d ago
This morning I have released the 2.5.0 update for Voxel Paint, which includes a new bi-directional integration with Ape Chat. This feature is new for both apps and will be expanded and improved in the months ahead, but let's take a look at what it does right now!

Now when you click on the toolbar's top-right settings icon, you will see two new options (only available if you are signed in with an Ape Apps Account), Voxel Paint Chat and Set Chat Channel. If you click on Voxel Paint Chat, it will open the new embedded Ape Chat sidebar that will be familiar to players of My Colony and My Colony 2. The Set Chat Channel option lets you customize which Ape Chat channel is used by the app (the default is #voxelpaint, but you can use anything you want, like #mc2-voxeling for instance).

While the Ape Chat sidebar is open, two brand new features are unlocked that tie directly to chat. First, if you click on the toolbar camera icon which is normally used to save a .png of your model, you will now get a new dropdown menu with a Post to Chat option. This will still take a .png of your model as before, but instead of exporting to your device, it will post it directly into whatever Ape Chat channel you are currently signed in to.

Similar to posting .png images, the folder menu contains a new Post to Chat export option, which does the same thing, except it uploads the full model instead of a render. The render can then be viewed, manipulated and downloaded by users in the Ape Chat client.

These features are early and there are still some issues, particularly on the Ape Chat side. For example, currently the Download button in the in-chat renderer seems to be showing a plain text version of your model instead of actually downloading it. The header above the model is not formatted well for the slide-out chat side. It also messes with mouse wheel scrolling. So if you notice any of the aforementioned issues, you do not need to report them, as I already am aware!

Moving forward, I plan to expand this further. For instance, in the model renderer in the slide-out chat frame, I want to have a button that lets you instantly import the model you are looking at into your Voxel Paint workspace. That way if multiple people are in the chat, you can sort of collaborate on something. Someone could make a part of the model, post it, you could click on the import button and it would paste it in selected, and you can move it to where you need it to be.

Over the next day or two, these features will also be making their way to Pixel Paint. I probably will not make a new post about them since they will work largely in the same way that they do in Voxel Paint, but keep a look out for them in the coming days.

That is it for this update to Voxel Paint. I plan to improve the integration on both the Voxel Paint and Ape Chat side of things, so if you have ideas on how to make it even cooler, let me know!

#voxelpaint #pixelpaint
3d ago
I've noticed building things in MC2 can get quite slow compared to MC1 when using decor or any sort of pattern, so I think we would all greatly benefit from being able to place entire groups of buildings in one click (as opposed to just straight lines of the same building). You would be able to manage custom groups of buildings from a separate section of the construction menu. Creating a new group would open a window with a bare plane, like the gridlines separated from the rest of the world. You'd be able to place any building and road you unlocked on a particular world/settlement anywhere on the grid, with any orientation. After creating a group, it would display the sum of its buildings' costs, employment, utility usage, etc. in the build menu. The boundaries of a group would be limited to the boundaries of its buildings rather than a giant rectangle for flexibility in building. With groups, you wouldn't have to sacrifice design in order to scale up your settlement in a reasonable amount of time.
3d ago
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