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Colonists not working, leaving then returning to work

Yes i know, colonists work in shifts, but howver this is something different. The production of that building doesnt produce until you check the amount of colonists insidre, then all colonists will leave and come back wasting production time.
Yes, I have that problem too, that's actually why I registered here. What's more, same thing happens with various living buildings. Because of this I constantly have problems with homeless and jobless people. Can someone fix this, please?
@Sniperfido: This happens when a single colonist gets repeatedly assigned the same job incorrectly, and when this colonist takes a break, the whole building gets shut down. It usually takes 6-8 hours for my ~50k population colony to fix all these issues after an expansion project and a fire drill.

@Gallopavo: After doing a fire drill, sit tight for a few hours and everything will be back to normal. There is a bug with oscillating homelessness, and Bast (the only developer of this amazing game) knows about it and is trying to isolate + fix it. Be patient! Most of this stuff wasn't even here a few months ago.
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Has this been fixed? Seems to still be an issue on my game. I've restarted a new map several times because I get a colony going pretty well and leave it for awhile. Later, I come back and everyone is dead because no one is making water or food. I've seen it several times where my atmosphere condensers have workers assigned but no one is working. Health is 100%, Unemployment is 1%-ish, Approval rating is in the 90's, but still no one works. I've done fire drills and reloaded the game, yet my food and water continue to plummet. I build food and water producers in excess to prevent issues, but that doesn't matter if workers won't work.
If your population is expanding and the amount of food production and water facilities are not enough to meet your population's needs, then your colonists will die no matter how much people produce.

Only reason I can think of, sorry
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