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Forest + Lava question

What would the base world need to be if I want a lush jungle world (forest) that is tectonically active (lava)?
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Hmmmmm that isn't possible. You can only choose one world floor at the moment, so right now it's impossible.
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making your own map ignores all the planet factors like no atmosphere .
so place every thing you want Like lava and trees and oil and what ever ( any thing can be placed )
But bug stuff can not be mined unless you you pick bug world base for your modded map .
( except the forest rover will harvest mega trees which is really a time saver with wood .
and LIS wolrds would be able to harvest crystal and diamond .
so once you start the map add tons of atmosphere plants and wala tropical jungle human world .
As the only thing missing would be atmosphere .
ps no way to make and ice world as of yet and map size is limited to medium size only ( a very limiting factor .

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