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Rare ore source fix idea.

#1 2017-09-03 03:23:40
So I noticed people talking about making secondary planets to farm the aluminum and the uranium. What if just a random event timer spawned a comet that would crash carrying a random (Harder to come by sourse) That you had to then grab up just like the other stuff on the surface. Just an idea plus comets being random could damage buildings and such make paying attention more rewarding.
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#2 2017-09-03 09:12:17
Comets had been suggested in the old forum already, but not here :D. Good idea in general.
But we don't make this new Colonys to harvest the ore there, we use them to build uef(uranium enrichment facility) because they take up a lot of space.
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#3 2017-09-03 09:50:36
I like the idea of events like asteroids hitting your colony and bringing resources and damage, however it totally opens a whole new can of worms when it comes to the type of game this is. It makes the game a little less laid back and more intensive. Only time will tell where the developer wants to take it.
#4 2017-09-03 11:21:18
Bast has said many times before that My Colony is not going to feature natural disasters, PvP, timed events, or anything which forces gameplay in any given direction. I haven't heard him change his mind, yet.

For those "rare" resources, they're rare because they're intended to be endgame resources. Many players dislike going through the game within a day or two and getting "stuck" when the next tier of resources takes a few days to start generating enough to warrant new construction projects, so we see threads like this pop up frequently. The resources are balanced by the GBT, so if something looks extremely expensive, it's because it takes a long time to produce that resource.

The answer lies in resource management. If you use tons of Aluminum and Uranium to feed certain buildings before you have access to dozens of Archaeological Dig Sites, Uranium Enrichment Facilities, and the appropriate quantities of food/water/housing/power/microchips to back up those buildings (which will include a few Alien Microchip Facilities which requires both Aluminum and Uranium), then you'll either need to go to the GBT (which most players at this point in the game can't afford) or start a subcolony (because most players at this point are independent and can't ask their parent colony for help). Simply don't use Al, Ur, or many Microchips during the entire playthrough, and spam tier-1 Microchip buildings (not the Advanced ones!) until you're no longer construction-capped by Microchips.
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#5 2017-09-03 23:22:38
Keep it in casual.
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#6 2017-09-04 04:00:45
It seems as though the GBT prices are really high right now because there isnt as much competition between sellers right now. I think we have less daily users due to the break in new content we have had. The more sellers there are for a resource, the lower the prices should get. I remember a couple weeks ago, aluminum was going for half a million or less per 100. Now its worth several million.
#7 2017-09-04 12:27:46
You would be right except that this game features hyperinflation. I think you would agree that obtaining quadrillions and quintillions of money didn't happen because people built rows upon rows of Investment Banks.
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