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Website not updating


Having issues with my site. I have tried changing the compression on the save but it wont update the population or gdp. Is there something I can do to get it fixed?

site shows 16kish but is 20k, colonies seem to reflect correctly:
Can someone move this back to tech support? I don't think this is a game play question.
Ok I figured this out. My website wont update because I set a "Commonwealth Message". It will at least update whenever I update my message. This still seems like a glitch of some kind though.
Strange, what was your commonwealth message? Did it have some kind of special characters in it? Might have to make a coding change
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There wasn't any special characters but I feel like it might have been over the character limit if that is possible or at least close to the max. As soon as I changed it though website seems to be updating on the saves like normal.
I'm having this same issue, can you explain your solution in more detail if there isn't a more refined of available?
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