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Unable to connect to server - Page 2

There is a bug in the current Windows 10 store version of the game that is causing this. It will be addressed in v0.57.0. In the meantime, Desktop users are free to download the non-Windows Store desktop client, which generally performs better anyway and does not have the same glitch:
Owner of Ape Apps, LLC
"unable to connect to login server", game over?
I'm having the same problem. I have an account, but my colony isn't allowing me to sign into the account.
How can I update to v.057 on my PC? I only have the login problem on my PC. My laptop game runs fine. It updated automatically.

Ver. 0.57
Unable to play on any platform. Whenever i try to load the save file it simply says "Unable to connect to game server."
I'm thinking the server auto-banned my colony but i have no idea why. It's my most advanced and has around 400k pop. Interestingly enough only colonies with over 200k pop were hit. All my others have under 200k and they are fine.
Version 57.
I can now log on to my ape apps account, but still can't access any of my colonies. Says I need to be online which I am. Getting closer!!
Microsoft lumia 640xl. Windows 10
My Colony

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