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Antiquitas v1.4.0 Released

A quick update to Antiquitas, v1.4.0, should be heading your way soon. This update includes bug fixes, and on Android, iOS, and Native Client, allows local resource trading/messaging. Trading will be available on Windows and Web once the Ape Web Apps Desktop Bridge app is done, which is coming soon. Details to follow.
Sweet, will look out for the new update. May i make a suggestion for the forum?
Let's try to make different subsections like with the My Colony one. It should help with organization i believe.
wait @bastecklein , why is this update 1.4.0?
The last one was 1.6.0 so shouldn't this one be 1.7.0 or at least 1.6.1
@DragonCrypt This was an old post. I just started on 1.7.0 yesterday.
And yeah, I can add some new sections to clean up the Antiquitas forum.
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