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Rovers receive false move command

Had some issues with rovers recently. As I was building multiple structures at once, I wanted my rovers to focus on one structure at a time. Therefore, I selected them all and issued a move command on the structure I wanted to build first. They do alright, but for some reason, if I click somewhere else after this moment, they just act like I have issued a move command so they just go to that spot. I have to do some "maneuvers" to avoid this and let me mind my business without being avalanched by a bazillion of rovers.

Should mention that it happens with only the type of rover that i selected initially; all the other rovers mind their business as they should.

I am on Android 6.0.1.
Please make sure to include the version of My Colony in your bug reports. Thanks.
I've had this same problem since v0.53. Currently updated to 55, problem is persistent for me.
Sorry. Version is 0.54.1
Issue still persists as of 0.56
Thanks guys, fixed for 0.57.0
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Thanks! It was really bothering me.
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