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Homeless Insectoids


I recently committed mass genocide because my people were protesting (ran out of food for a minute). They got stuck in a loop of protesting and not working, having low health because they aren't sleeping or working to get money to eat, and those that were sick weren't getting better because no one was manning the hospitals. So I turned off all the mounds and food. Once the purge was complete I turned everything back on.

Once the colony repopulated I noticed some colonists were low on energy and health. Upon checking them I see that they are "homeless". No. They all came from mounds. I even watched some leave the mound for their job, still classified as homeless. Statistics show 0% homeless, but these colonists are losing health and energy because they won't go home. if I build another mound it temporarily solves the problem, but i end up with homeless. I'd like to avoid another purge, any suggestions? I've restarted the game multiple times just to check and see if it's an error.
when it happens just let the homeless not homeless die off by tehm self the agme will self correct then .
ps if you have say 2000 bugs ( who ever heard of 2000 bugs ? 200,000 maybe lol
anyway if you have 2000 and 5 homeless the chart could say zero as it starts at 1 %
and 5 is less then that .

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