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Colony colapse disorder

After running out of food my colonists are all (and I mean all of them) at 0% happiness so they all of them are protesting. This makes them not want to work and in turn they don't make me food which makes them unhappy etc...
I have gotten very far in the game so I'll probably ragequit if I have to restart all over again.
Looks like your commute lengths are high maybe? That alone controls like half the happiness through fatigue which is normally always high anyways because who doesn't keep their colonists on overtime once they reach stable food levels.

Basically your just going to have to increase your food and water output I usually go with a 3-4k Decay rate on top of what I'm using so I have a cusion, but not wastefully over producing. Also, throwing 30 bucks at them every so often seems to work as a temp fix. I've managed 98% satisfaction on overtime for hours, overnight even without having to do anything but let it idle. I'm currently working on optimal housing/job/entertainment placement grid for reach type of resource/currency. Once I have something decent, I'll post it on the forums.
Well this colony was doomed anyways and I also wanted to make a new colony so it doesn't realy matter now.
You should not build the houses far away from the workplaces (20 unit or less). Otherway they become tired (fatigue) of commuting and they gonna die.
o lord as long as colonists are NOT rendered distance to work does not matter .
All my colonys are set up like his and i stay t 98 - 100 rating .
what happens is a few get mad dont work less food mad a few more get mad and so on untill so many are mad food runs out .
the biggest thing to prevent this early in game is giving them money once you have this it is to late may as well shut off food let them die and start with new ones .
it gets really easy then .

His could be fixed but it would take so much time it is faster just o kill them off
see ow almost all my housing is centered and yet i still have 99 % rating in this colony
so much for that nice photo that shows 22 k colonists i added just another 1000 and the whole thing cam apart .
rating droped like a rock up and down rollercoster .
the new education has made it darn hard to add more colonists and keep the rating up i must have wasted 50 million coins on it only to have it drop right back down .

now remember at 22,000 I had 100% and it stayed that way for days once i added the next 1500 colonists well i am letting them die off again as it is costing way to much tring to raise the rating .
dont know if the game is even playable ( as in EXPANDING a colony ) any longer .
sure older stable colonys would be fine as LONG as the player does not change much of any thing .
but let them even delete a few buildings and try moving the works to new buildings and see what happens .
I dont think the programmer plays much any more or mod plays much any more both seam unaware of game play and even the fact that windows desk top version no longer can be used .( a ongoing issue ) over a month now .
Or the answer from the mod is always Hey it works great on my system .
yea and it usually works great on chrome as well guess what there are other versions then chrome and linux .
In my experience housing still needs to be considered even when not rendered, but that is anecdotal and I can't say for sure. It certainly doesn't hurt to plan it like it matters. I have been able to expand successfully to about 100k by factoring commute lengths/unemployment/entertainment and always overdoing what is necessary by a fair bit, but I also have serious issues with education. I wish I knew what the version 59 bug fixes were...
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