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Can we have a way to export more then 250 at a time

It would be great to have a way to auto export stuff (a government policy)? Or just export more then 250 of stuff
You can. Depending on what map you play there are various buildings that have higher export sizes, the largest being the star gate, which exports 100,000 of any resource.
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The cap is likely to prevent abuse. To export more you have to upgrade which requires playing long enough to have unlocked it. Prevents frequent restarts to mine new worlds and export resources to another account.
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Only if you have a untitledearth colony 😔
lol not true all worlds have a opption to export in some fashion except reptiles but they are not done
besides you just quoted teh black market bazzar LIS world mass driver is earth and exports 100 .
bug world is cannon and i forget how much .
but all that is Fist ter exports later game buildngs can import and export up to 100 k star gate for earth and LIS and bug worlds has a upgraded building that does 1000 at a time .
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