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I just like buildings as many as possible and needing 250,000 k trash for the land fill is alot of trash for a 1-5 k colony but that colony would have access to the land fill if not for the fact it will be short on trash .
Considering that right now my recycling is more than the trash being produced I find myself liking the 'pay me to get rid of your trash' scheme.
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Colbya, even when you build the landfill since it's made entirely of trash and is meant to be a way to get rid of trash it will decay over time and disappear.
Ok I dont care about having trash The landfill cost trash to build people mite want to be able to build the landfill just to have the land fill and costing 250. k trash will take much longer to get the trash long after the landfill is available .
as a matter of fact I have a new colony i just built and the land fill been available for a day just dont have enough trash to build it .
And have trades But I turned off all stuff that uses trash so its building up now . ps 6.2 k colonists .
im building so many houses to get trash then trasform the trash to plastic and aluminum (get rich from trash!)
you can also burn trash to make power, right? For new colonies that is ideal because you want more atmosphere anyway.

I was thinking that keeping trash on one planet would be like your environmental legacy on that planet. If you burn it to make power, eventually your atmosphere will hit 15,000,000 and you'll have a problem if you dont have enough alien water condensers to turn the excess O2 into water.

I like the zolarg solution better than the trade solution. It makes sense to me because in real life there's no financial incentive to ship trash off-world.... unless there's an alien species out there who happens to love it.

maybe the zolarg have a giant cargo bug that lands and takes on all the human's trash, but the humans have to build it a bug landing pad. Once you build one of those, you can ship trash to zolarg colonies only.
I would like if people paid $x to get rid x amount of trash. So the GBT for trash should be in special format.

You get
xxx Trash

You get
xxx cash
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