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Nuclear Reactor = Dead

In one of my colonies, I made 20 nuclear reactors thinking I could get lots of power from it.

Welp, I ran out of Uranium. Had to restart colony.

Never rely on Nuclear Reactors.
I love to give feedback and suggest new things!
lol well most people mine the game placed UR to start with then build UR refinery's to multiply the UR
one UR refinery will run up to 2.5 nuk plants at a slow gain .
Let me guess your one of teh guys who worked at Fukushima lol
I love to give feedback and suggest new things!
nuclear power is decent for a while...hydrogen is a bit more sustainable. both carry the rich of running out of materials.

this is why i tend to erect mass solar panels. :)
Same (well, kinda)! But, I use mass solar towers :) :)
I love to give feedback and suggest new things!
With the new regions feature, this shouldn't be a problem anymore, because if you run out of a ura deposites in one map, just make another and harvest the ura from that map. All maps share resources so what you harvest on one map is available in all others.

Eventually you do want to build alien aluminum gens and a ura enrichment plant if you are relying on nuke plants. I just think that those hydrogen plants are better as long as you have an overage of water production to power them and enough alu to build them. They even provide more power than nuke plants. Power towers are the best in my opinion, but you have to get the required resources first, which takes ages.
Yes, when you first hit nuclear power it can be exspensive but I agree with @Amorphus in that hydrogen is the best power. Until you get diamond crystal reactors which are the best by far. So when you can make sure to upgrade to hydrogen, they may be expensive to build but the resource they use is so much cheaper and easier to obtain.
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several months later and i still depend on solar panels. uwu.
haha, i totally didn't reallize that this thread was several months old. That means that nobody commented in the faq forum for several months, not good. I wish mc had it's community back. Now the forum seems like an empty mall on it's way to going out of business. I remember when this forum was bustling. I guess it's because of all of the google/android issues that bast has had to deal with.
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