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Antiquitas Blog

2019-02-08 17:47:11

Antiquitas v1.22.0 Released

I have just completed the release of Antiquitas v1.22.0, which should be hitting all platforms within the coming days. This release contains all of the engine bug fixes and improvements from My Colony patches v0.79.0, v0.80.0, and v0.81.0, which includes tons of bug fixes, performance, and rendering improvements. It also includes the servant build counter indicators, as suggested in this thread.

In addition, I have also added the water shore-tile rendering improvements that have been in My Colony for some time. This makes areas that transition from water to land look a bit less jarring.

So that's about it for today's Antiquitas update. Over the next couple of months, a lot of my development time will be tied up with the upcoming game Colony Wars, although Antiquitas will continue to receive timely updates. So once again, thank you for playing Antiquitas, and stay tuned for more!
2019-01-01 18:45:39

Antiquitas v1.21.0 Released

I have just finished up work on Antiquitas v1.21.0 and it should be hitting all supported platforms within the next few days here.

This update brings all of the engine improvements and fixes from My Colony patches 0.75, 0.76, 0.77, and 0.78, which includes many improvements for regions, pathfinding, the encyclopedia, and other things.

Also new in this release is the snow covered Alpine map, available for all civilizations.

It has a bit less wood and food than other maps, but more stone and metal deposits. It's also snowing, and will make you feel sorry for those poor servants out there toiling away practically naked.

In addition, new build categories for Roads and Storage have been added, in order to make finding things a bit easier. I was a little conservative on what I put in those categories, so if people want to see them expanded with more structures, just let me know.

Finally, I have taken note of the requests to add a unit count to the building sidebar for servants. This is slated for the upcoming v0.79.0 release of My Colony, after which the engine change will make its way to the next update of Antiquitas.

That's all for today's Antiquitas update! Have a happy new year, and stay tuned for more!
2018-10-12 22:15:03

Antiquitas v1.19.0 Released

I have just pushed out the v1.19.0 update to Antiquitas, which should be arriving on all platforms shortly.

This update contains all engine improvements from My Colony v0.73.0, including the fixes to LAN/WiFi based resource trading and messaging.

Much more to come, thanks for playing!
2018-09-29 15:56:16

Antiquitas Goes Live on Steam Today

A few weeks ago, I announced that Antiquitas would be coming to Steam, and today it has officially arrived! You can download Antiquitas on Steam today from the following page:

This is my first ever game to be released on Steam, so check it out, show your support, and let me know what you think! If it goes over well, I will be bringing My Colony to the platform next. I just want to make sure that it will be worth the trouble first, based on the reception of Antiquitas, since they do charge $100 per game that you want to list on the Steam platform.

Remember that if you do buy Antiquitas on Steam, once you sign into the game using your Ape Apps Account, you will get unlocked access to Premium on all supported platforms, which for Antiquitas, is pretty much any device that you have. This does not go the other way around though (if you already bough Premium, it does not unlock the game on Steam), but if you have already purchased the game in the past, you don't even need the Steam client, as you can get either the Native Client from the Ape Market, or just play the game on the Ape Apps Launcher.

That said, if you do buy it on Steam (or buy it again because you just love the game that much and it's cheap 🙂), please leave a good review for it on the Steam marketplace, to help give the game a good launch out of the gate!

Thanks to everyone for their support, and thank you for playing Antiquitas!
2018-09-11 15:42:57

Antiquitas v1.17.0 Finalized

Over the coming days, Antiquitas v1.17.0 will be rolling out to all platforms. This update includes the following new Egyptian structures:

- School of Dancers
- Dancers Pavilion
- Chariot Factory
- Chariot Races

Along with the new content, Antiquitas v1.17.0 rolls out the new Regions feature, that was recently introduced into My Colony.

Regions allow you to group multiple smaller city files into one regional mega city with a shared population, production, and technology research pool. A region can contain up to 2,500 individual city files, although I would be shocked if anybody actually built out a region that big. It is a fun new way to play the game though.

Finally, this is the version of Antiquitas that will be rolling out to Steam on September 29th, so I do not expect any further Antiquitas updates until after that date, as I need to have the code base stabilized. If you have not done so yet, please go to the Antiquitas Steam page and add it to your wish list! Even if you do not plan on buying the same, adding it to your wish list will help give the game a visibility boost when it is launched, so I would certainly appreciate it! You can find the Antiquitas Steam page here:

You can probably also just search for Antiquitas within the Steam client.

That's all for today's update, thanks for playing and stay tuned for more!