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2018-03-08 18:25:28

Antiquitas v1.6.0 Released

Antiquitas v1.6.0 should now be heading to a device near you, and this is Part 1 of the Gaul update! Yes, the second civilization in Antiquitas, the Gauls, have arrived, and with them come a new map and a bunch of new structures.

My poor fingers don't want to type out all of the new buildings that are in this update, but there are 17 in total.

When you play the new Gaul map, you will also notice there might be a couple of Roman or German farms scattered along the edges of the map. These don't do anything yet and you might be tempted to destroy them, but don't do it! In the next update, the Gauls will be getting a new Raiding Party which will allow you to "Raid" the Roman and German settlements for goods and coin. The feature would have been in this release, but it requires a few more coding changes than I had anticipated, so it will wait until next time.

The Gauls are still not complete. Later on they unlock the ability to build a bunch of Roman stuff, which will probably be removed or changed in the future. If you put these structures in your city though, they wont be taken away, so feel free to do it.

Once again, @jova has done an excellent work on the graphics for this update, so feel free to send him your congratulations on a job well done!

Antiquitas v1.6.0 should be arriving to most platforms within a day or two. It is available right now on both the Web and through the Ape Apps Launcher, and will be making its way everywhere else as the various apps stores give it the seal of approval. Hope you enjoy, and stay tuned for lots more to come!
2018-02-15 22:28:18

Antiquitas v1.5.0 Released

I just published the February update for Antiquitas, which is based mostly on the core code from My Colony v0.56.0 but with additional bug fixes, as well as a few fixes related to Antiquitas specifically (like the 'activate all' button not working). In addition to the new engine updates, there is some new content, as well as a new 32bit Windows Desktop client which you can download from here:

Here is what is new:

New structures: Cultum Linum, Navalia, Naumachia
New Resources: Linen, Ships
New tech: Linen Production
New ad-free content: Imperial Statue

In addition to the above, the build requirements have been modified for several structures, mostly adding some of the newer resources as building requirements to later-game structures.

Coming next in the Antiquitas March 2018 update will be a new snow map and the beginning of the next civilization, the Gauls. Enjoy!
2018-01-29 02:19:26

Antiquitas v1.4.0 Released

A quick update to Antiquitas, v1.4.0, should be heading your way soon. This update includes bug fixes, and on Android, iOS, and Native Client, allows local resource trading/messaging. Trading will be available on Windows and Web once the Ape Web Apps Desktop Bridge app is done, which is coming soon. Details to follow.
2018-01-14 20:48:04

Antiquitas v1.3.0 Released

The glorious January update for Antiquitas has just been pushed out to all platforms and should be arriving on your device of choice within the next few days. Here is a look at what is new.

First and foremost, Antiquitas v1.3.0 contains all of the new engine updates and features found in My Colony v0.52.0, so if you are interested to know what that consists of, feel free to read the changelog for that release:

Those new updates include the new Map Editor feature (premium users only) which allows you to build, play, and share custom maps right from within the game.

Additionally, this update contains no less than 10 new structures, 1 new tech, 2 new units, and 4 new resources! Included in the new goodies are a new theater occupation tree, the a Clay resource which gives way to Bricks and Pottery, and Chariot construction so you can build your own little Circus Maximius (the Circo).

In the next update, a lot of the existing structures are going to have their building requirements modified to require bricks and pottery, but I thought I would hold off on the requirement to let existing cities build up a stockpile before making the changeover.

Finally, this update removes Facebook login support and replaces it with Ape Apps Account login, the same login you use to access this forum. The benefit of the change is that now if you purchase Antiquitas on one platform, it will be remembered by your account and automatically unlock the game on other platforms you sign in on. Because of this, I will no longer be messing with giving out .amk files for people who purchased the game on one app store and want to unlock it on another. If you want to carry your purchase over, just make an Ape Apps Account and sign in.

So anyway, that is what's new here. If you like what you see then keep the suggestions coming and tell your friends about the game! Next update will introduce offline LAN/WiFi based multiplayer, so stay tuned for that. Enjoy!
2017-12-08 21:41:55

Antiquitas v1.2.0 Released

The second content update for Antiquitas has now been pushed out to all platforms! This update includes all of the engine changes from My Colony v0.51.0, as well as:

New Structures: Gem Mine, Templum Vestae, Taberna Gemmaria, Taberna Argentaria, Taberna Vestoria, Taberna Tonsoria
New ad-free Structure: Docks
New Resources: Gem, Jewel, Tunic

Three new resources have been added. Gems are mined by building a gem mine. Jewels are created by combining Gold and Gems. Tunics are made from Wool. Several higher-end later game structures have been modified to now require Jewels and Tunics in their construction costs.

In the next update I plan on adding a new map type, the frozen northern tundra lands. Stay tuned!
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