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File extensions

While browsing though my save files i noticed the following.

@bastecklein is this a new labeling system by the game?
Because these save files can no longer be loaded as the game exits with the error message
"Unable to connect to game server. Online games require an Internet connection to play."
The .aacfi files are unrelated to My Colony and contain only simple meta-data related to the cloud sync functionality of the game when you are logged in with an Ape Apps Account. If you are getting the error of 'Unable to connect to game server', it eaither means you are using an older version of the client that has been blocked from the server, or your PC is unable to establish a connection with the server.

I was just able to sign in to the server and it worked, btw
Owner of Ape Apps, LLC
Because the thing is, my Launcher is up to date and im able to connect to other online games, but those 2 specifically cannot be connected. My guess is an auto-ban on those colonies but idk why. Your ideas?
My Colony

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