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How do I harvest wood?

Just started playing and I'm getting pretty far pretty fast, but I cannot figure out how to harvest wood. Any one help me out?
Depends on what world you are on.

This may help:
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lumberbots or lumberbugs
On LIS, it takes a bit longer to actually be able to do anything with trees. Lumber Yard is the first thing you may be able to build and it will build the lumber bot so you can harvest trees. It requires Colonial Finance Theory, microchips and Aluminium, so it can take a bit to get there. Worry ALOT more about getting something done will all the sugar cane.... it grows very fast.
its either build LOTSA LOTSA sugar processing plants or bulldoze.... I'm just putting up with it on my LIS colony so that I can supply my main with more sugar to sell :)
We need drones with napalm weapon.. ;)
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